Machine Gun Kelly Hotel Brawl Footage Released

After actor G-Rod (Gabriel Rodriguez) posted a video which claimed that he was attacked by several of rapper Machine Gun Kelly’s crew members on September 14, surveillance video of the brutal event has now been released. TMZ shared the video Wednesday, along with details of the event.

Apparently, the 230-pound actor was slammed to the ground by a large male and then surrounded by a few others who kicked him repeatedly in his hotel’s lobby. It also looks as though the bullies repeatedly slammed a chair on top of the victim. TMZ claims that one of the accused is MGK’s drummer known as R00K, and another of the guys is nicknamed Slim – which is sort of ironic considering this whole brawl began with MGK’s beef with Eminem (a.k.a. Slim Shady in his previous years).

Earlier on the day of the attack, Rodriguez had approached MGK in an Atlanta bar, calling him a “p***y” for his past remarks about Eminem’s 16-year-old daughter being “hot.” The whole encounter was self-recorded, and MGK could be seen getting riled up, standing and objecting to G-Rod’s comments. In the video below, G-Rod recounted the events of the day, saying that immediately after the video was shot, MGK shoved him. Then, the rapper’s posse reportedly surrounded Rodriguez when he sat down after the confrontation, he says.

Rodriguez says that MGK then approached him again, yelling profanities in his face. According to G-Rod, he himself remained non-confrontational, saying he told MGK he only wanted to “share his opinion.”

“You go after people’s family. I think that’s cowardly,” said Rodriguez as he recounted the events.

Finally, the restaurant manager asked G-Rod to leave the facility, a request with G-Rod claims was not justified as he was not the one starting a fight. However, the actor left as requested. It wasn’t until two hours later when he was walking past the restaurant on his way back to his hotel that the physical altercation happened. Rodriguez says that’s when MGK approached him with his “goons” to begin harassing him in the street. Apparently, a police officer intervened, telling MGK and crew to stop harassing Rodriguez. That’s when MGK allegedly got in the cop’s face yelling profanities, G-Rod says.

Later, G-Rod apparently ran into MGK’s crew again in his hotel lobby after going for a run. He claims in the video that when they began yelling profanities at him, he offered to fight them but one by one. When it looked as though all five were swooping in, Rodriguez said he didn’t know what else to do but run. As soon as he reached the hotel lobby, that’s when they got him.

An investigation is reportedly underway, but TMZ reported in another article that Rodriguez is willing to drop charges if MGK will fight him on his own.

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