Ben Affleck Reportedly Wants To Attend Matt Damon’s Birthday Bash, People Think He’d Ruin The Party, Per ‘AOL’

It’s Matt Damon’s big birthday party this Friday, and it’s likely to be a boozy event. It’ll be in Las Vegas, and people are looking forward to it. However, some are thinking that it might not be as fun if Ben Affleck shows up. This is what a source said, per AOL.

“Ben’s invited but it’s more like they’re trying to dis-invite him. He thinks he’s okay to go to the party. It’s been planned for months, way before his stint in rehab.”

And while Ben has reportedly said that he’s ready to leave rehab, he’s still part of the treatment program at this time. The party’s on Friday, so him leaving the center and going to a party would take place within a week. The source also added the following.

“But those who are going to Vegas for Matt are concerned. They think Ben will blow all the fun because everyone will be so focused on him, if he’s doing okay — and if he’s drinking.”

But at the same time, Matt Damon’s supposedly expressed that he’s interested in helping Ben out, according to the Inquisitr. This is what a source said about how Matt feels about Ben’s sobriety.

“Matt wants to be a good influence on Ben… Ben’s team, his closest friends and family truly support their friendship. They want them to hang out more, which in turn could help keep him away from the crowd that doesn’t support his sober lifestyle.”

With that in mind, it doesn’t seem like even Matt would want Ben to be at the party.

For now, it’s hard to know what Ben will decide to do. Meanwhile, things are rumored to be heating up between him and girlfriend Shauna Sexton. Even though the two have hardly had any time to spend together outside of his rehab stint, some people already believe that there’s a proposal in the future, according to Radar Online.

This would be a huge deal to all of the exes in Ben’s life. For example, it would mean that ex Jennifer Garner would now have a step-mom in the picture for the three kids that she had with Ben. And for Lindsay Shookus, who reportedly wanted to get back together with Affleck in the future, such a hope would certainly be crushed.

Even more so, Shauna’s love for partying and drinking would further make a proposal controversial. However at this point, it’s all just speculation. We’ll find out soon enough if Ben really does go to Vegas this week, and what that could possibly mean for his sobriety.

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