Early Reviews Are In For Tom Hardy’s ‘Venom,’ And They’re Not Good — ‘Loud And Stupid’

Venom is set to hit theaters this week, and many fans have had high hopes for the film starring Tom Hardy as they believe that it will be a better film version of the character than other past offerings — such as the widely-panned Spider-Man 3. The first reviews have started coming out for the Sony movie — which is not actually a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — and well, they’re not good. Actually, they’re very bad, with one critic going so far as to describe the film as “stupid.”

After the initial reviews started pouring in, things didn’t seem great from the start for one of Marvel’s most notable anti-heroes. As of Wednesday morning, Venom has a 32 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a very ominous sign indeed.

Writing for The Wrap, Alonso Duralde said that the CGI of the film takes center stage instead of the brilliance that is Tom Hardy. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie doesn’t help — as it keeps jumping around from point to point, and isn’t even any fun in the process of doing so.

“Leaping from plot point to plot point without the hindrance of logic or characters, this big-screen return of the legendary Spider-Man nemesis — last seen in the franchise-hobbling Spider-Man 3 — is aggressively loud and stupid without being much fun at all. It exists as a waste of time (although, one hopes, a sizable payday) for some very talented actors, and it’s proof that even Marvel (whether it’s the studio or other films based on its imprint) doesn’t always get it right.”

Agreeing with Duralde’s point of the movie jumping around too much, others find it to be simply too confusing.

Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter actually took his review to a level outside of the movie itself. For his comparison of Tom Hardy as the hero/villain in Venom, he took his criticism to a different level entirely.

“The only startling moment in the thoroughly irredeemable Venom that makes you sit up and take notice comes at the 71-minute mark, when the sight of a disheveled, stubbly, sweaty and bloated Tom Hardy jolts you with the realization that here is the perfect actor to one day play Harvey Weinstein.”

Over at The Daily Beast, Nick Schager said that Venom is an “absurdly sloppy comic book extravaganza.” He does go a step farther and say that the movie is actually so “unbelievably bad” that it’s almost good. Not wanting his readers to think that he enjoyed it, Schager makes sure to reiterate that it is “almost” good.

Despite the majority of critics ripping it to shreds, Venom is still heading toward an incredibly impressive opening weekend. As reported by Deadline, the Marvel movie from Sony Pictures is expected to bring in between $60-$65 million domestically and around $170 million worldwide. So, while the critics may not think much of Tom Hardy’s latest flick, noone can argue with those types of numbers at the box office.

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