Zac Efron Just Posted A Hilarious Video That Shows His Unique Traffic Situation

Zac Efron isn’t just a pretty face. As it turns out, he’s actually funny too. As if the world needed any more reason to be head-over-heels for the former Disney Channel actor! Efron, who is currently in Sardinia, posted an Instagram video of his current traffic situation — which is equal parts hilarious and adorable.

The video starts with Zac Efron grinning at the camera over the scene laid out before him. Hundreds of sheep are walking up the busy street. Cars are stopped alongside the road, and some are gently following the sheep as they make their way to wherever it is that they’re going. Zac takes a moment to pose near the sheep, and chats momentarily with locals as they follow the herd. An upbeat song plays in the background which perfectly fits the mood of the scene. Zac looks ecstatic at the delay and genuinely appears as if he loves watching the sheep go by.

Zac Efron is currently traveling through Europe. Just days ago, he posted an Instagram photo from Paris that may have upstaged the Eiffel Tower itself. The star seems to be having a blast as his feed is filled with travel photos that feature him beside iconic landmarks, and doing extreme outdoor activities like surfing and rock-climbing.

Zac Efron has been busy in 2018. Following the release of The Greatest Showman, he was flat out promoting the film with costars Hugh Jackman and Zendaya. Now that the film has been out for some time, it seems that the star is able to focus on other projects as he travels more frequently. Enviable pictures of the star in Hawaii from earlier this summer reminded us all why Zac Efron had been such a teen heartthrob to fans, and a continued draw for his 36.2 Instagram followers.

The star widely considered to be a good singer, a balanced athlete, and an attractive actor. It’s no wonder that his fanbase is still so loyal to the one-of-a-kind silver screen star. In just an hour, his Instagram video has already hit over 440,000 likes and 6,500 comments. His comments section is filled with fans commenting on how perfect his life seems, and how handsome he is.

Zac Efron shows no signs of stopping as he continues to shoot various projects. Fans can expect to see the star’s face in theaters very soon. He may not be in another showstopping musical the likes of The Greatest Showman or High School Musical for quite some time — but the star has proven that he has the acting chops to carry him through a successful and profitable career in Hollywood.

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