Chris Hemsworth Opens Up About Putting His Family Ahead Of His Career

Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky had their first child, India, six years ago. Since that time, Hemsworth has learned to prioritize time with his family over acting, which has had a noticeable impact on his career. Noticeable to Hemsworth, that is. The actor recently opened up to GQ Australia about the major difference having a family has made on his ability to give 100 percent to each movie.

“There’s times when I’ve thought, ‘Wow, because having kids is more important to me, some of my roles have suffered.’ There’s definitely a couple of films I could’ve put way more energy into but I was like, ‘No, I’d rather be with my kids,'” Hemsworth told them.

Hemsworth and Pataky married in 2010. By May 2012, India was born. Less than two years later, on March 21, 2014, the couple had twin boys, Sasha and Tristan.

According to Page Six, one of Chris Hemsworth’s reasons for becoming an actor was to find the financial security he lacked as a child. Yet, now he characterizes being one of the world’s wealthiest celebrities as “gross.” He went on to explain that as a child, he had to save up for a whole year to buy himself a $600 surfboard. This experience taught him “so many lessons about appreciation and working hard for something.”

Hemsworth and Pataky don’t want their kids to miss out on having their own similar experiences. That’s why it’s very important to the 35-year-old actor that his children are instilled with “that same appreciation and respect for things.” To that end, the couple doesn’t “want them to feel like they’re privileged in any way.” In fact, it “scares” Chris Hemsworth to think that his kids may believe that “somehow they’re special” just because they have famous parents with lots of money.

As Inquisitr reported earlier this year, Hemsworth and his family definitely make a big deal out of special family events, but they don’t necessarily appear to spend a lot of money on their celebrations. Instead, the Hemsworth clan took the understated route of privately celebrating Chris’s 35th birthday with a cake and a few candles.

Earlier this year, Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa showed off another side of their fun birthday flair when the two danced in the Australian countryside. Again, this was a celebration that focused on family, togetherness, and humor instead of spending lots of money.

Perhaps the couple’s approach to parenting and family life will pay off exactly as intended. After all, Hemsworth was forever changed by saving up for his own surfboard, as evidenced by the fact that he still enjoys surfing the waves. His future roles may continue to suffer, but it appears that Chris Hemsworth won’t care as long as his family life continues to blossom.

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