‘Flipping Out’ Star Jeff Lewis Claims He’s Open To Reconciling With Jenni Pulos, Says He Misses Her

Bravo recently started airing a new season of Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos, and the rest of their crew — but this is going to be a rough season for long-time viewers. Jeff and Jenni are on the outs, and much of the implosion of their relationship will reportedly play out in front of cameras this season. Despite that, Lewis recently opened up about missing Pulos and suggested that he was open to the idea of repairing their relationship.

As the Inquisitr has detailed, Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos reportedly got into a massive fight while filming this current season — and their relationship is completely over. Not only was the fight said to be ugly, but Jenni reportedly made allegations against Jeff related to abuse, a hostile work environment, and wrongful termination. The two apparently have not spoken in months.

This week, Lewis appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and the topic of the rift with Pulos was discussed. As People details, Jeff admitted that in watching the current episodes, he’s realizing that he does miss Jenni. It sounds as if, despite all the bad blood that’s developed, he is able to see things in a somewhat fresh light now that he’s watching the episodes that were filmed before their split.


Could Jeff and Jenni find their way back to one another? Lewis says that it’s hard to get over someone crossing a line, and he believes that Pulos crossed a line. The Flipping Out star says that he’s a very forgiving person and he maintains that he never says never.

Despite saying that he’s a forgiving guy who apparently wouldn’t permanently close the door to renewing his friendship with Jenni, Jeff says that it’s hard to get over an incident where someone reports you to your boss for abuse. Since the reports of this rift emerged ahead of the Season 11 premiere, Jeff has spoken about the situation quite a bit in various appearances. For her part, Jenni has essentially stayed mum.


Jenni has done some promotion of the new season of Flipping Out via her Instagram page, but she hasn’t opened up about the breakdown of her relationship with Jeff. This has been a very complicated situation, since Pulos has had a stake in the show herself and is the godmother to Jeff’s daughter, Monroe. As the Inquisitr relays, however, Lewis has also made statements alleging that they haven’t really been friends for years — and that a lot of things were faked for the show.

Is there any possibility that Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos can repair the damage done to their relationship? Will Flipping Out continue with another season after all of this drama? It’s too soon to know what the future holds on this front, but fans are hoping that this isn’t the end of the long-running Bravo show.

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