Stormy Daniels Told Jimmy Kimmel She ‘Prayed For Death’ While Having Sex With Donald Trump

Stormy Daniels told Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night that she “prayed for death” while having sex with Donald Trump in 2006, and then showed off the orange mushroom that she says most closely resembles the president’s private parts.

As ET Canada reports, Daniels (real name: Stephanie Marie Clifford) stopped by the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night to talk about her new book, Full Disclosure, and the salacious tidbits within its pages. And though the book is about Daniels’ career in the adult entertainment industry as a whole, the bits that everyone wants to talk about concern her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

Back in 2006, as NPR reports, Trump had been married to Melania for a year and a half, and Melania had recently given birth to Barron. Daniels, 39, claims Trump met her at a charity golf tournament, and that they later had sex. Trump has denied Daniels’ allegations, although Daniels was paid $130,000 to keep quiet about the alleged affair; that hush money agreement has since been nullified, and Daniels has been speaking freely about the alleged encounter ever since.

Daniels told Kimmel that, before having intercourse, Donald Trump wanted to be spanked with a magazine. Kimmel’s interest was piqued.

“Is he, like, leaning forward and going ‘Oooh’?”

Daniels then offered to give a demonstration to Jimmy, who willingly complied by bending over, while Daniels smacked his butt a few times with a copy of her own book.

When they actually got down to business, says Daniels, it was less than memorable. Asked by Kimmel if they “made love,” Daniels responded by saying “gross.”

“I laid there and prayed for death.”

And of course, no Stormy Daniels segment on a late-night talk show can ignore the elephant in the room: Trump’s penis. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Daniels describes Trump’s privates in her book as being shaped like a mushroom. Specifically, Daniels claimed that Trump’s penis resembled a mushroom-like character, Toad, from the Mario Kart video game series. To that end, Kimmel presented Stormy with a lineup of sorts, of several mushrooms of various sizes, all painted orange, of course.

“Picking it out of a lineup, which of these mushrooms, orange mushrooms, would most represent the Commander in Chief of the United States military?”

Daniels, perhaps to no one’s surprise, picked the smallest one.

You can watch the entire interview in the video below, but be warned: this video contains adult content.

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