Kate Middleton Had The Cutest Response When A Little Girl Asked Why People Are Taking Pictures Of Her

Kate Middleton has to be “on” at all times – or at least, whenever she’s outside the comfort of her own home. That means that she always needs to smile (or, when the situation calls for it, appear appropriately concerned), always needs to look pretty, and always needs to have an appropriate response whenever she’s asked a question.

Unfortunately for the Duchess of Cambridge, sometimes those questions come from kids. And kids aren’t about royal protocol (which limits what kinds of questions one can ask of the Royals) – they’ll say whatever is on their minds.

Kate found this out for herself on Tuesday, when she made her first royal engagement since coming back from maternity leave. The wife of the future King of England paid a visit to Sayers Croft Forest School, just down the road from London, where she met with the kids and learned about their education about the great outdoors.

As ET Online reports, one little girl didn’t fully grasp why an ordinary school day suddenly became such a big deal. Apparently unaware of the fact that she was in the presence of her future Queen, one unnamed little lass didn’t understand why there were so many cameras clamoring around her school’s special guest.

“Why are they picturing you?”

Kate, who is herself a mom and who doubtless knows how to field awkward questions, quickly turned things around, likely making the little girl’s day in the process.

“They’re picturing you! Because you’re special!”

So impressed was the little girl with the Duchess’ kindness that she (the girl) took Kate’s hand and led her to a picnic table.

There were other adorable moments, of course. One boy dug around in the dirt (Sayers Croft focuses on teaching kids about the outdoors) and produced a giant worm, which he proudly showed off to the Duchess.

“That is a very big worm! Who found that?”

Kate, for her part, wasn’t afraid to dig around in the much herself, although all she managed to turn up, headmistress Zoe Stroud tells Elle, was a slug. Although she did catch a glimpse of a frog laying underneath a nearby log.

Kate has spent the last couple of months taking things slowly, coming back from a difficult third pregnancy and then spending time with her newborn, Prince Louis. She’s been out with her husband, and with other members of the Royal Family, a couple of times in group settings, but Tuesday’s visit to the London-area schoolkids was her first solo engagement now that she’s back to work.

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