Joe Paterno’s Widow Sue Grants Exclusive Interview To Katie Couric

Joe Paterno’s widow Sue Paterno has been mostly silent since the death of the formerly venerated Penn State coach, but she’s set to break the long period of quiet with a new, exclusive interview granted to one of TV’s most prominent hosts.

Joe Paterno’s widow Sue still lives in the home the couple shared in State College, Pennsylvania, though her husband passed away a year ago in January. Paterno’s legacy was tainted by the lengthy and stunning Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, and two months before the coach died, he was fired from his position at Penn State.

Katie Couric landed Joe Paterno’s widow’s first tell-all interview, at her home near Penn State. According to the staff at Katie, the installment airing on February 11 will be the “first conversation since the scandal broke and since she lost her beloved husband of 50 years… Joe Paterno passed away just two months after the scandal was exposed, leaving behind his wife and family, and many unanswered questions about what he knew and did not know.”

THR has the details about Couric’s visit to the home of Joe Paterno’s widow, as well as the studio footage to follow:

“The Paterno family has steadfastly defended Joe Paterno’s actions in the case, saying he did what was expected of him by reporting Sandusky to college administrators. Sue Paterno also is scheduled to appear at Katie‘s New York studio on Feb. 11, when the installment is scheduled to air.”

The Katie Couric interview with Joe Paterno’s widow follows an exclusive with football player and “catfished” athlete Manti Te’o.

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