Meghan Markle Scene Slammed As A ‘Waste Of Time’ In ‘Queen Of The World’ Documentary, Per ‘Daily Mail’

Royals fan love Meghan Markle, and perhaps that’s why the producers of the new documentary, Queen of the World, opted to use a scene with the Duchess to start the series off with a bang. However, their plan may have backfired. The second episode included a re-broadcast of the same footage from the first episode that has now become well-known to most Royals fans. And unfortunately, it’s led to people slamming the scene as a “waste of time,” according to the Daily Mail.

One fan noted on Twitter, “Absolutely fed up of seeing the same section of Meghan talking about her wedding dress, more Queen please!” Another user even commented, “A year of exclusive access to the Queen and all we are seeing are the same clips over and over again. Poor editing.”

And while the wedding outfit has special significance because of the 53 Commonwealth countries embroidered in the veil, it’s a fact that’s lost its glamour after the clip became overplayed. It’s hard to know why the producers decided to use the same footage twice, but they might have been better off moving onto a different topic. Or, at the very least, revealing new footage from when Meghan was reunited with her wedding dress.

So far, Queen of the World has received mostly positive reviews. And as Vogue noted, the documentary has captured royal fans’ attention because it’s given people new insights on the Queen. That’s no easy feat, considering she’s been closely watched and scrutinized her whole life.

One of the new things that some people may have learned from watching the documentary, is that the Queen holds the record for the longest journey by a monarch. This was thanks to her 40,000-mile, 6-month long trip that she embarked on with Prince Philip that spanned the globe.

Another interesting thing is that “the Queen was an early home-movie enthusiast.” Although most people don’t get a chance to watch these home movies, we’re sure there’s some gold in her personal archives. And the Queen’s love for movies didn’t just end there, as she reportedly hosted movie nights on the royal yacht.

Previously, the Queen gave a rare interview about crowns, which was featured in The Coronation. This is what she said, according to ABC.

“You can’t look down to read the speech, you have to take the speech up. Because if you did, your neck would break and it [the crown] would fall off… So there are some disadvantages to crowns, but otherwise they’re quite important things.”

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