‘Big Brother 20’ Contestant JC Mounduix Angrily Responds To Online Hate, ‘F*** You All’

Big Brother 20 proved to be a season of twists and controversies. JC Mounduix, who placed third on Wednesday night’s live finale, has received backlash for his in-game behavior during the season. Live-feed watchers would notice that Mounduix would sometimes act inappropriately around other houseguests and some even claimed it was sexual harassment, TV Guide reports.

JC Monduix took to Instagram and ended up becoming upset by the accusations. He claimed that calling his actions sexual harassment was uncalled for and that the term itself was “such a strong word.” Mounduix continues to defend his actions and he ends up calling out those who have accused him online, “f*** you all for thinking that,” he continues.

One of the instances that caused so much controversy was a situation that took place with fan-favorite Tyler Crispen. On the live-feed, Mounduix was seen cuddling a sleeping Crispen and kissing his armpit. Mounduix defended these actions by saying that the BB 20 cast was like a family and that he was simply comforting Tyler who seemed to be having a distressing dream.

Tyler Crispen has come forward in JC’s defense in the days following the finale, as reported by the Inquisitr. Of his co-star, Crispen said, “I never felt anything but a genuine friendship with JC.”

The video of JC Mounduix’s Instagram live can be found here. Warning, there is explicit language. The video was taken by a screen recording by a fan who goes by the name “Big Brother Lover” on YouTube.

JC Mounduix placed third after being evicted by Kaycee Clark who had always planned on taking Tyler Crispen to the final two. Following the live finale, the BB 20 cast has been seen partying in Los Angeles and Las Vegas (Mounduix included). It seems that everyone on the cast seems to adore the player and it is possible that his actions were taken out of context by viewers.

However, Big Brother has to be careful with such sensitive matters especially since the show received backlash during its 15th season for contestants that made blatantly racist remarks, E! News reported. JC Mounduix and Bayleigh Dayton had a controversial argument earlier this summer in which JC used the N-word to make a point about how hurtful the M-word is for people who may be short. Bayleigh Dayton fired back with the M-word and F-word multiple times, as reported by the Washington Post, which caused some discomfort for viewers (the situation itself actually made the edit for an episode).

Big Brother released statements during the season that stated that the network and show did not condone any discriminatory behavior from any houseguest.

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