Prince Harry Has ‘Changed’ Since Marrying Meghan Markle, And Not In A Good Way, Says Royal Photographer

Prince Harry is a different man now that he’s married Meghan Markle — but that’s not necessarily a good thing, says Royal photographer Arthur Edwards.

As Yahoo News reports, Edwards has been covering the Royal Family for The Sun for 44 years — beginning well before Harry and his older brother, heir to the throne Prince William, were even born. As such, Edwards has seen Harry go from being a bouncy baby boy, to being a despondent adolescent mourning his mother’s death, throughout his days as a pilot in the Royal Army Air Corps, to being a husband and uncle.

During that time, Edwards witnessed as Harry developed something of a reputation as a bad boy. Always in the shadow of his older brother — who will someday be the King of England — Harry had some difficult times during his youth. Sometimes his behavior has been described as “cheeky” — a British phrase that means something akin to “disobedient, but in a fun way.” Other times, however, his behavior has been downright shameful and even destructive — including a period of a few years where he partied hard and was frequently pictured drinking alcohol.

Now 34, married, and possibly getting ready to become a father, Harry isn’t the same man that Edwards once knew. That’s both good and bad, says the photographer.

“He’s become more distant, he’s not the good old Harry anymore.”

And now that he’s been bestowed with the title “Duke of Sussex,” Harry is living up to it, says Edwards.

Though he will likely never be burdened with the crown like his father and — perhaps some day — his older brother, Harry does carry another burden: that of a wife who will have to deal with the pressures of being a Royal. The very same pressure that likely played a role in the death of his mother, Princess Diana, and also took a toll on his aunt, Sarah Ferguson.

“I think Harry would have told her the downside of being in the royal family and there is a lot of downsides.”

Besides the pressure of being a Royal, Meghan is also dealing with family members back home, intent on embarrassing her. Her father, Thomas Markle, and her two half-siblings from that side of the family — Thomas Markle Jr. and Samantha Markle — have regularly made headlines in their various attacks on both her and her husband, the Inquisitr details.

For these reasons, says Edwards, he believes that Harry is “protective” of Meghan.

Edwards made his remarks on Yahoo UK‘s video series The Royal Box.

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