Kym Herjavec’s Twins Welcome October In Adorable Fruit Costumes For ‘Monday Morning Dress Up’

Kym Johnson Herjavec has been sharing loads of cuteness with the world via her Instagram account ever since welcoming twins Hudson Robert and Haven Mae into the world earlier this year. The baby boy and girl, who are now six months old, flashed their stunning smiles to the world again in a new photo shared Monday by the Dancing With The Stars mom. The babies may not be identical twins, but that didn’t stop Herjavec from dressing them in matching fruit costumes to bring in the month of October.

The photo is a collage of two pics of the babies, presumably taken separately and then spliced together. Hudson is wearing a red strawberry costume over a red-and-white striped long sleeved t-shirt. His head is adorably topped with a mini strawberry. Haven, on the other hand, wears a similar Pineapple costume, complete with pointy green leaves on top of her hat. Both babies sport adorable grins and seem to be loving dressing up for their mama’s “Monday morning dress ups.” They are also wearing matching green-and-white striped stockings.

“Happy October from my juicy bundles of Joy,” Herjavec captioned the photo.

Instagram fans reacted to the post in delight.

“OMG! The cutest fruit I’ve ever seen,” said one user.

“Adorable! So much fun dressing them up when they’re tiny,” gushed another fan.

“Where did you get these costumes? So cute!” said yet another comment.

Herjavec doesn’t limit having fun with her babies to herself and her husband, often inviting friends to share in the amusement. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Herjavec’s bestie Carson Kressley has had his fair share of fun with the twins, too. In the Instagram photo below, Herjavec shared an adorable photo of her friend cozying up to the babies with a huge smile on his face.

“This makes my [heart] happy,” Herjavec captioned the photo.

While managing to share so much baby cuteness with the world, Herjavec has also shared on her Instagram that she is becoming accustomed to caring for the two tiny humans while multitasking, as reported by People. The source pointed out that the 41-year-old dancer has shared multiple photos with captions explaining how she manages her work-life balance.

In one photo, Herjavec feeds Hudson a bottle with one hand, while cradling Haven over her shoulder with the other hand. Both babies seem to be content — and Kym’s face is that of a confident mother. In another photo, Kym holds both babies on her hips at the pool, and in yet another, she works on her computer while baby Haven naps beside her on the couch. It looks like we can expect to keep seeing photos of the family as they grow — and as those two cute twins continue to grow even sweeter with age.

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