Taco Bell Is Now Selling Diablo Tortilla Chips And The Internet Is Freaking Out

Not only is Taco Bell known for their quick and tasty eats, they’re also known for their amazing hot sauces. So, it comes as no surprise that they’ve decided to put two and two together — and sell their world-famous Diablo Sauce another way.

According to USA Today, the taco giant will be selling a new product, Diablo Tortilla Chips, at 7-Eleven stores across the country. The product will be available starting immediately, and will be stocked through October 31. After that, they will roll the chips out to other grocery stores as well as convenience stores. Marisa Thalberg, who is the chief brand officer at Taco Bell, released the news in a statement earlier today.

“Our iconic sauce packets were our original inspiration for how to give fans a new way to access a taste of Taco Bell at retail,” she says. “The new Diablo tortilla chips build from that inspiration, letting us serve up our hottest chip yet that’s completely unique to Taco Bell, from its dark and smoky packaging with saucy wisdoms, to the flavor of the chip itself.”

Jack Stout, who is 7-Eleven’s Merchandising Senior Vice President, also shared his thoughts on the new product.

“If they thought the Taco Bell flavored chips 7-Eleven introduced earlier were something, just wait until the Diablo spice hits the shelves. An ice-cold Slurpee drink may be necessary to put out the fire.”

The Diablo chips will also stand out from the crowd as they are black in color as opposed to yellow, the hue of traditional tortilla chips. Another series of pluses for the chips? They’re vegan, kosher and gluten-free — using only natural vegetable juice to create their dark color. Fire, Mild and Classic flavors are currently for sale, and come in a variety of package sizes. Taco Bell’s Diablo chip, however, will come only in a 3.5 ounce bag to begin with.

For a while, fans have been urging Taco Bell to bring the Diablo flavor to their tortilla chip line on social media. Over the past few months, many fans have been tweeting at Taco Bell to bring these chips to shelves — and now it appears that the quick service restaurant chain has finally listened.

“@tacobell why so little love for the Diablo sauce? First they’re not in bottle form at the store, now these new tortilla chips don’t have a diablo flavor!”

“Just tried your FIRE! tortilla chips, and I must say… F**** GENIUS!! Now, I’m told there’s also a Mild (They were sold out), but when may I ask is Diablo gonna make its way to my grocery store,” another fan wrote.

Hit your local 7-Eleven to try a bag for yourself.

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