Meghan McCain To Return To ‘The View’ Next Week: ‘She’s Still In Intense Grief’

Meghan McCain will be returning to work next week following a month long hiatus.

As fans of The View know, McCain took some time off from work following the death of her father, Senator John McCain. John lost his long battle with brain cancer on August 25. He passed away peacefully at his home in Arizona, and was surrounded by family. At his funeral, Meghan gave a very powerful eulogy to remember her late father and now, the time is right for her to return to work.

According to People, Meghan’s brother, Jimmy McCain, has urged his sister to go back to worth and to get back into a normal routine — despite the difficulty that she’s had since the passing of her father. A source spoke to the magazine surrounding the circumstances of Meghan McCain’s return.

“She’s still in intense grief and will be sharing that on the show, but it was her brother, Jimmy, who was insistent on her going back to work, like their dad would have been.”

“Her dad wouldn’t want her to be crying and feeling sorry for herself, but he would want her to be strong, get back to the grind and keep doing the great job that she’s been doing,” the same source dished.

The source also went on to explain that Jimmy thinks that their father would want Meghan to be strong and return to work, especially after she was so strong during her father’s eulogy.

“Jimmy, his wife Holly and Meghan’s husband, Ben, along with numerous other family and friends, have been such rocks through all this,” the source said.

Since the death of her father, McCain has taken to her Instagram account a few times to share memories of her father — and to let her fans know that she is struggling through this difficult time in her life. As the Inquisitr reported two weeks ago, McCain shared a photo of a phone call between her and her father with a heart-wrenching quote.

“The death of a beloved is an amputation. – C.S. Lewis (old screenshot from one of our Sunday calls I found on my phone),” she wrote in an Instagram caption.

Then, a few days later, the Inquisitr shared that McCain remembered her father on the one-month anniversary of his death in yet another touching photo. In the image, Meghan and John sit together on a bench as they overlook the desert landscape in Cornville, Arizona. By their side is one of the family dogs. Meghan wrote yet another heartfelt caption.

“1 month tomorrow. I love you.”

That particular photo earned McCain a ton of attention, the post attracting over 37,000 likes in addition to 1,600 comments from her thousands of followers.

The View airs weekday mornings on ABC. Check your local listings for specifics.

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