Burt Reynolds’ Classic Cars Auctioned Off For Obscene Amounts Of Money

Burt Reynolds’ classic cars were auctioned off last weekend in Las Vegas, and as expected, a few of them brought some obscene amounts of money. The big winner, according to Torque News, was Reynolds’ re-creation of the ride made famous in 1997’s Smokey And The Bandit.

When Reynolds died last month at the age of 82, he left behind what was left of a collection of classic cars that was, at one time, pretty extensive. However, bedeviled by bad financial decisions, a nasty divorce, and unpaid bills, a few years ago Reynolds auctioned off a lot of his possessions, but he managed to hang onto a few prized automobiles. However, those remaining vehicles were auctioned off last weekend in Vegas, at the 11th Annual Las Vegas Barrett-Jackson Auction.

The Big Winner: The Smokey And The Bandit Replica Trans Am

To no one’s surprise, the biggest money-maker in the auction was Reynolds’ prized replica of the Trans Am made famous in the 1977 movie. It bears noting that Reynolds’ ride wasn’t the actual vehicle used in the movie – there were likely several, and they were undoubtedly abused to the point they were unrecognizable during filming. In fact, Reynolds’ car wasn’t even from the same model year as the movie’s car.

Nevertheless, Reynolds ordered it made to be as authentic to the movie as possible – up to a point. He also had it souped up with some modern (for the time) accouterment, such as air conditioning.

To no one’s surprise, the car brought in a huge sum of money: $192,500, to be exact, making it the highest-grossing lot sold at this year’s auction.

The Hooper Firebird

Another recreation custom-built for Reynolds was a 1978 Pontiac Firebird Formula, meant to replicate the one Reynolds’ character drove in Hooper. As an added bonus, says the auction house, the car came with a replica of the jacket Reynolds’ character wore in the film.

“This Firebird Formula is one of the last cars in Mr. Reynold’s personal collection and it’s powered by a 403ci V8 engine and a 3-speed automatic transmission.”

The car sold for $88,000.

The Cannonball Run Chevrolet R30 Pickup

Another recreation that isn’t even from the same model year, in 1987 Reynolds had a Chevy pickup truck custom built to resemble the 1981 model used in the movie. Like the Trans Am and the Firebird, Reynolds’ recreation was built with modern (for the time) upgrades. It sold for $49,500.

All three of the vehicles auctioned off had been personally signed by the late actor.

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