‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Gets A Shocker As Curtis Receives The DNA Results On Sasha

General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 1 hint that answers are coming in regard to Nina and the search for her biological daughter and these answers are going to shake things up in big ways. For a long time, viewers have speculated that Kiki will turn out to be Nina’s rather than Ava’s. Curtis then tracked down a woman named Sasha who he thought might be that missing daughter and answers are about to be revealed.

Soap Opera Digest shared a tease on this front via Twitter with their new cover and they revealed major General Hospital spoilers in their new issue. Their cover says that there’s a miracle for Nina on the way, and it turns out the search for this daughter isn’t going to take months as many anticipated.

In the new issue of SOD, they detail that both DNA tests Curtis had run on Sasha will confirm that she is Nina’s biological daughter. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Valentin will be the one to reveal this news to his estranged wife and naturally, she’ll be shocked and grappling with a lot of intense emotions.

Apparently, Nina will resist accepting this news with it coming from Valentin, given all the drama they’ve had with one another. However, he will soon reveal that he’s worked with Curtis to find the truth about this daughter, and since Nina is close to Curtis and trusts him, she’ll slowly come to accept that this revelation may be true.

According to She Knows Soaps, this news will bring Nina and Valentin closer to one another again. General Hospital spoilers suggest that the sequence of events will be that Curtis gets the first set of DNA results and shares the news with Valentin, who reveals the bombshell to Nina. She’ll be hesitant to believe this, but that will shift when Curtis gets the second set of DNA results that confirm Sasha being Nina’s child and she learns of her friend’s connection to figuring this out.

General Hospital spoilers hint, however, that this isn’t going to necessarily be all smooth sailing going forward. As viewers learned when Sasha first met with Curtis, she believed that the woman who raised her was her biological mother, and that woman died not long ago. It sounds as if she may be somewhat resistant to accepting all of this, which will be tough for Nina as she’s been so desperate for so long to be a mother.

Is there any chance that both DNA tests were tampered with and Sasha isn’t that long-lost daughter of Nina’s? That would seem to be a stretch, but when it comes to the land of soaps, one never knows.

Can Nina break through Sasha’s walls and develop a relationship with her that will mend both of their hearts? General Hospital spoilers detail that this will be an emotional storyline that plays out over the coming days and weeks and fans won’t want to miss a minute of it.

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