‘One Piece’ Episode 855 Spoilers, Recap: Katakuri Unleashes Awakening Against Luffy, Germa 66 Starts Revenge

One Piece Episode 855, which is currently available at Chia-Anime, featured the continuation of the battle between Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy and Big Mom Pirates sweet general Charlotte Katakuri. As of now, Katakuri clearly holds the upper hand in the battle.

While successfully landing critical blows against the enemy, Katakuri effortlessly dodged and blocked powerful attacks like Red Hawk and Grizzly Corkscrew Magnum from Luffy. Big Mom’s right-hand man continues to demonstrate the power of his advance Observation Haki. However, unlike in the start of their battle, Luffy has finally managed to evade some of Katakuri’s attacks, making the Big Mom Pirates sweet general annoyed.

Katakuri started to become serious and unleashed Awakening against Luffy. Using his devil fruit power, Katakuri turned the Mirror World into a Mochi and successfully immobilized Luffy. After witnessing Katakuri’s awakening, Luffy remembered what Donquixote Doflamingo told him about the devil fruits when they fought each other at Dressrosa.

Luffy tried to use Gear Fourth, but Katakuri predicted his plan and stopped him from using his trump card. While Luffy is glued in the mountain-like Mochi, Katakuri transformed more walls into Mochi and buried the Strawhat Pirates captain. Katakuri decided to finish Luffy as quickly as possible since he is already 40 minutes late for his “merienda.”

One Piece Chapter 855 also showed Charlotte Mont-d’Or and Tamago talking about the things the Strawhat Pirates did when they infiltrated Big Mom’s territory. Tamago told Mont-d’Or that they should stop underestimating Luffy and his crew and show him the real power of the Big Mom Pirates. Tamago recommended using all their forces to prevent the enemies from escaping the Whole Cake Island. During the conversation between Mont-d’Or and Tamago, Pekoms was crying because of the death of his big brother, Pedro.

One Piece Chapter 855 featured the Strawhat Pirates’ allies on different parts of the Whole Cake Island. Charlotte Custard and her fleet have already caught up with Capone Bege and the Tank Pirates. Luckily, the Tank Pirates managed to get out of the enemy’s sight using Bege’s devil fruit power. However, wherever they go, the Big Mom Pirates can always track their location using the territorial sea slugs.

Meanwhile, the Germa 66 are dealing with the Big Mom Pirates in their floating kingdom. Some of Big Mom’s subordinates have managed to push the Vinsmokes into the corner. However, the Germa 66 still emerged as the winner in the end when they beat 10,000 soldiers of Big Mom. Using their power, they succeeded to trick Mont-d’Or and obtained useful information about the Strawhat Pirates.

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