‘Venom’ Has Two End-Credits Scenes

Warning: This article contains possible spoilers for Venom.

Venom might not be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the new film is following suit of all those in the MCU. The Tom Hardy film has been confirmed to have not one, but two end-credits scenes so fans need to keep their rear ends in their seats.

According to Screen Rant, press screenings began for Venom this past week where it was revealed that the film would have two post-credits scenes. Despite being spread throughout the credits, it’s being reported that both end-credits scenes take place back-to-back at the very end of the scrolling titles.

Critics lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Venom are not allowed to release the details on the end-credits scenes, so fans shouldn’t expect any spoilers until this Thursday night. It should be noted that there are no other Sony-Marvel films currently in production or about to premiere, so speculation around what the end-credit scenes might feature can be narrowed.

A sequel to Venom will more than likely appear in one of the end-credits scenes, but it’s unlikely that both will be two separate scenes that tease the return of Eddie Brock. Fans would undoubtedly love to see some sort of Tom Holland/Spider-Man tease in the end-credits as it’s been widely discussed over the past year of having the two characters interact with each other.

Express is reporting, however, that the nature of the end-credits scenes has been revealed. The outlet has also mentioned that these scenes are just rumors and were passed along through anonymous sources. The first scene takes place in a prison where Eddie Brock (Hardy) visits Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) who eventually reveals himself to be Carnage. The second end-credits scene is a tease of Into the Spider-Verse, the upcoming animated Spider-Man flick.

Reviews from critics are not yet in on Rotten Tomatoes and will come out later this week. The film is expected to dominate the month of October since it has relatively no competition in the box office other than Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born.

Box Office Pro is currently tracking Venom to earn $65 million in its opening weekend, with an overall domestic gross of $135 million. Gravity currently boasts the biggest October opening of all time with $55 million, with The Martian close behind with $54 million. If projections hold true, Venom will take over the October record easily. Halloween is being projected to only make $60 million in its opening weekend two weeks after Venom is released.

Venom stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate, and Reid Scott. The film hits theaters on October 6.

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