Xan Of ‘Shameless’ Is Making Bank After Successful Debut As Cast Regular

In Season 8 of Shameless the role of Alexandra Galvez, better known as Xan, was played by a young actress named Scarlet Spencer. At the end of the season, Xan was abandoned by her family and Lip took her under his wing. Always wanting a child of his own, most Shameless fans didn’t find this too surprising or out of character for the oldest Gallagher son.

In Season 9, the role of Xan was recast and the young Amirah Johnson took over and made her Shameless debut. According to the young actress’ contract – obtained by TMZ – her debut in the series was a success as she is guaranteed to make $10,000 per episode in Season 10 of the series. Moreover, Amirah is guaranteed to have a role in at least 7 of the episodes banking $70,000 for her role as Xan.

As those who have been following Shameless casting news know, Emmy Rossum recently announced her decision to break away from the Showtime series, confirming Season 9 would be her final season. TMZ speculates Amirah is an attempt at locking a new face in to replace the actress. While most fans agree no one will ever be able to fill the shoes of Emmy, her exit does leave a hole that needs to be filled moving forward. Most fans have come to turns with the fact that Emmy’s character Fiona was “all grown up” and walking away from the show – and her Gallagher family – fit the timeline.

According to TMZ, if Amirah’s character Xan extends passed Season 10 she is guaranteed a 4 percent raise and at least 7 episodes in each season. So, if the series makes it to Season 16, the young actress could bring in as much as $12,653 per episode and just shy of $90,000 per season (assuming she only appeared in seven of the episodes).

The revelation of Amirah’s contract not only reveals there is already plans for a Season 10 – after Emmy leaves the show – but that chances are pretty good Lip is going to try to pursue becoming a legal guardian of Xan.

As those who are caught up with Season 9 know, Lip recently ran into an issue when Xan got hurt and broke her arm. Because Lip was not the legal guardian to the young girl, the hospital would not release her to him. In true Gallagher form, he found a way to get her out of the hospital anyway. Currently fans are left with a big question on their minds – will Lip hunt down Xan’s mom to return her or to ask for parental rights?

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