‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Plots To Get Closer To Felicia, Seeks Out Lucy As His First Victim

General Hospital has brought back Kevin Collins’ twin brother, Ryan Chamberlain, and he is as dangerous as ever. It has been 25 years since his killing spree in Port Charles, and poor Felicia Scorpio thinks that it is all behind her. Little does she know that despite thinking that he can never touch her again, she is about to relive her nightmare all over again.

As seen on Friday’s General Hospital, Ryan is thrilled to get so close to his pretty blond obsession without anyone knowing who he really is. With Kevin locked up in his place at Ferncliff, he has free reign to go about his business — or Kevin’s business — in Port Charles. Ryan is plotting out the best way to get closer to Felicia, but little things keep getting in the way, such as his ex-wife Lucy Coe. She has been hovering over him and he is getting tired of it. In fact, he is ready to do away with her — literally.

According to General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps, Ryan plans on making Lucy his first victim. She knows something is off with ‘Doc’ but she assumes that he is coming down with a cold. Ryan is growing weary of her, especially if she senses that there is something more to it than just a simple sickness.

Lucy will make it easy for him, as she is expected to come to him. The recent issue of Soap Opera Digest says that Lucy will be showing up at his door to bring him some hot soup to cure his ailment. Of course, nothing can cure what is actually ailing Kevin’s twin. Her life is in grave danger, and she has no idea.

In a recent preview clip that General Hospital sent out on Twitter earlier this week, you can see a rope in Ryan’s hand. He is obviously planning on using it on Lucy when she arrives. Unfortunately for him, Laura shows up unexpectedly. Genie Francis makes her return on Monday’s episode as Kevin’s wife, which puts her terrible danger as well.

Ryan will certainly have his hands full — not only does Laura show up, but then Lucy comes knocking as well. She will also be shocked to see that Laura is home. Neither of them will be too happy that the other showed up, but Lucy may just thank Laura later for unknowingly saving her life at that moment. It looks like Ryan will end up changing his mind about killing Lucy — at least for now.

Ryan won’t stop until he has what he wants, and that is Felicia. Whoever gets in his way had better watch out. Everyone in Port Charles is in extreme danger with Ryan Chamberlain on the loose, and no one is aware of it. Keep watching General Hospital this week to see if someone will become his first victim.

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