September 30, 2018
It's International Podcast Day & Twitter Enthusiasts Are Thrilled

Sunday, September 30, is International Podcast Day. That's what a website dedicated to the cause, claims. In 2013, podcast enthusiast and founder of the Modern Life Network Steve Lee created the day as a day to celebrate podcasts and all that they offer, says the website.

If you're not too familiar with podcasts, International Podcast Day's website gives a helpful background on what exactly they are and why they are significant. First, the article tries to explain the name behind the phenomenon.

"...the 'pod' of podcast is borrowed from Apple's 'iPod' digital media player; and the 'cast' portion of podcast is taken from Radio's 'broadcast' term. As a matter of clarity, just because it's named after Apple's iPod, does not necessarily mean that you have to own or use an iPod — or any portable digital media player for that matter — to enjoy a podcast," explains the website.

The article explains that podcasts are unique forms of "Internet Radio On-Demand." The medium of communication can carry loads of content and reach millions of people at a time. Sources report on news, advice, topics of interest, you name it.

Podcast enthusiasts of all kinds hit Twitter with excitement on Sunday, loading up the news stream with the hashtag "InternationalPodcastDay." Many tweets surrounded the positive role that podcasts have played in peoples' lives.

"It's safe to say that podcasts changed my life," tweeted one commenter.

"So I celebrate the podcast, and all who engage in creating them, and all who listen. May we continue to engage in the healthy art of conversation," said another.

Others made podcast recommendations to others in celebration of the communication medium. Many news outlets have covered the event as well, each sharing their own lists of notable podcasts with listeners. The event even has its own Twitter account, which it has been updating regularly as the date has approached.

According to the event website, International Podcast Day has a live streaming schedule for the day's events. It listed kick-off events that already happened globally on Saturday, as well as those scheduled around the world for Sunday. Today's countries with events include Italy, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, the U.S., and Ireland, among many others. A live stream of the day's events is also available

The cause also boasts a variety of supporters for the event and the cause, including such companies as Blubbry,, and The Podcast Success Academy. These companies all seem to be devoted to the creation of podcasts, whether that means helping more users create them or helping users find access to great materials.

The event will also feature interviews with top international podcasters throughout the day. Speakers include Chris Nesi of the U.S., who will speak about the effects of technology on teaching, Chhavi Sachdev of India, who is a love and dating podcaster, and Dave Lee of the U.S. who took part in founding International Podcast Day.