Traci Braxton Flaunts Dramatic Weight Loss & Shares Diet Secrets

Traci Braxton is looking fit and fabulous and has no problem sharing photos of her transformed figure on her Instagram account. The Braxton Family Values star has lost 40 pounds and recently dished on her weight-loss secrets and how her journey began.

Braxton has had a roller coaster journey with her weight. Fans of the BFV show may remember how she hired a personal trainer to get into shape in 2013. Well, life happened and the 46-year-old grandmother found that the pounds had once again piled on. However, this time she realized that she needed to lose the weight so that she could have her health back, according to Atlanta Black Star.

Traci Braxton was diagnosed with diabetes and it changed her whole outlook on her body and what the extra weight was actually doing to her health. This time around, she changed her focus to watching her diet in order to control diabetes.

“I watched what I had to eat, drank plenty of water, and took care of myself. I changed a lot of my diet by taking a ton of starch out of it.”

“I was diagnosed diabetic and didn’t want to take any more pills, so I had to go on this healthy kick and now I control it through my diet. Because of that, I am no longer on the pills.”

Braxton made the startling revelation that by decreasing the amount of carbohydrates that she consumed, upping her water intake, and taking care of herself, she no longer has to take pills to control her diabetes.

And fans have noticed. The reality star has been inundated with praise for her new look, with fans posting daily about how great she looks. However, a small percentage of followers cannot adjust to her dramatic weight loss and feel that it doesn’t suit her. Others have wisely pointed out that diabetes is a serious condition and that she needs to control it and maintain her healthy lifestyle.

Braxton also goes on to say that she has even inspired her sister, Trina. Apparently, Trina is also making some changes in her diet and reaping the benefits.

“My sister Trina is really on that health kick now. She’s on a veggie diet and doing really well. She can only do what her body can let her do. I’m proud of her.”

The Braxton sisters are working together to stay in shape and in good health, even though on-screen they do not always agree. Tune in to the last episode of Season 6 of Braxton Family Values on October 4, 2018.

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