How To Watch The 100th Episode Of ‘Shameless’ Early

After nine seasons of breaking and bending the law, Showtime’s hit series Shameless turns 100. The 100th episode titled “Do Right, Vote White!” airs tonight at 9 p.m. EST. For those who can’t wait till tonight, there is a way to watch the episode a little early.

Warning: The rest of the article contains Season 9 spoilers.

As fans who tuned in last week recall, Frank hit the campaign trail for his candidate Mo White in an attempt to make the south side “Mo White” again. Lip may have traded in alcoholism for kidnapping and attempted murder after he created a scene to sneak Xan out of the hospital when she broke her arm. Debbie appears to be switching teams in the love department. Fiona and Ford continue to feud regarding her investment choices. Ian might be in over his head with the “Gay Jesus” movement. Things do, however, appear to be shaping up for Liam who found a way to make his new situation in public school work.

Wondering what to expect from the latest episode of Shameless? Here’s the official synopsis of tonight’s episode from the Showtime website.

“Election day puts Frank and Fiona in a head to head battle as they each try to round up votes for their candidates. Lip has to make an important choice about Xan’s future. Debbie gets in over her head with Alex. Carl’s killer instinct is put to the test. With his trial looming, Ian struggles to decide how to plead. 100th episode!”

The preview of the 100th episode of Shameless reveals Frank has one major setback in his campaign venture – his daughter Fiona, who happens to be campaigning for a different candidate. The preview reveals things getting heated between the two sides.

It also appears as if Lip and Xan set out to find her mother and sort things out – will he become the legal guardian of her? As those who have watched the series from the start know, Lip has always wanted a child. He was heartbroken when he found out Karen’s child wasn’t his early on in the series. Debbie appears to be struggling to sort through her feelings for Alex. Arguably, it probably doesn’t help that her brother Ian – who is actually homosexual – doesn’t believe Debbie is. Ian himself is also struggling, as he isn’t really sure how to plead for his upcoming trial.

For Shameless fans anxiously waiting to watch the 100th episode, there is a way to watch the episode early. Showtime actually drops new episodes on Sunday each week – shortly after midnight – instead of waiting until the episode airs on television.

So, anyone with a Showtime streaming subscription can watch the episode before it airs. If you have an Amazon Prime or Hulu membership, you can sign up for a free week trial of the Showtime extension and watch the 100th episode early – and for free! Just cancel your extension before your free trial is up, and you won’t have to pay anything.

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