Kate Middleton Inspired A Car Declared The Katemobile Designed By Artist Adrian Valencia

Kate Middleton is admired the world over for her fashion sense and style. Royal watchers study her hairstyles as well as her hat and other clothing choices, and many attempt to copy her look. An Argentinian artist recently took this admiration and fascination to a new level, however, when he used art to turn an automobile into an homage to Kate Middleton that features cartoon versions of many of her classic looks. The vehicle features Middleton’s face along every side and has been dubbed The Katemobile.

The artist, Adrian Valencia, posted his work on Instagram and said in an interview with Hello! that he shared the mocked-up picture of his vision for The Katemobile and later a print of the automobile to his Instagram account, and his followers were quickly fans of the piece. Valencia said that he sees his Instagram account as a celebration of style.

“My Instagram DrawAdrianDraw is about celebrating style in a friendly happy way. I like the idea that my followers have a nice, warm feeling when they come across my images. Something that makes them smile.”

The Katemobile is a vintage car set in London that is covered on all sides with colorful profile pictures of Kate Middleton in various dresses and hats, each one sporting a different hairstyle. Valencia calls the illustration itself “Hat Day.” He described the inspiration for the artwork and how that inspiration evolved into the final product.

“Hat Day is my recent artwork inspired by the colorful outfits and hairstyle of the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate is so modern and fresh with a great sense of her own style, so she makes a wonderful person to draw. On my way to yoga I saw this car, and it was so cute and so perfect, and what better way to adapt the artwork to something unexpected like this car. An illusion. I like the idea that her hair, even though still impeccable is flowing in the wind in the Katemobile in contrast with the original artwork.”

The Katemobile is not Valencia’s first work of art featuring a member of the royal family. Previous works he has featured in his Instagram account include a drawing of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle kissing. Also a self-described fan of pop culture, the artist has shared artwork with reality television stars like Lisa Rinna and Yolanda Hadid and singers like Rihanna as their inspiration. Valencia’s website states that he has been working as an illustrator since 2000.

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