Samantha Markle Defends Trip To The UK, Says Everyone Else Would ‘Do The Same Thing,’ Twitter Doesn’t Agree

Samantha Markle has reportedly arrived in the U.K. in a bid to meet with her royal half-sister, Meghan. According to her Twitter page, she’s been there since September 29 at the least, when she exclaimed that she was “Having a wonderful time in London!”

Since then, Samantha has bashed the media, saying they are using certain words to try to incite interest in her story, as previously reported by Inquisitr.

“Bash or slam a little verbs that evoke public anger and they are used to sell tabloids they are not my words and verbatim my words are not like that.” And it’s true that many outlets are calling Samantha’s act an attempt to force a “confrontation,” or that she’s hoping for a “showdown.”

But today, Samantha’s decided to take a different approach at justifying her trip to the U.K. This is what she said.

“Oh stop the nonsense everyone if it was your father you would do the same thing.”

Now, it’s difficult for anyone to truly understand Samantha’s position. No other American has experienced a sibling’s marriage into the English royal family. However, Twitter isn’t so sure that they would be acting like Samantha, even if they were in a similar place. Many people have questioned whether her time would have been better spent visiting her father Thomas in Mexico.

One user responded on Samantha’s tweet, saying the following.

“I’d travel to him, before I’d go further across the world on a pity campaign to tell my sister to do it. Preach love. The attempt at switching the narrative isn’t working.”

“How much money did you send your ailing Father? Did you buy him some clothes while shopping in Millan [sic]?” asked another user.

And indeed, throughout the drama of Samantha landing in England, other Twitter users have echoed similar sentiments.

“If she were so worried about her Fathers [sic] health then she would be in Mexico with him and not in Italy or making threats to go to the U.K. to stalk Meg!!” one Twitter user said.

At this point, it’s unknown when the last time was that Samantha visited Thomas. But the one thing that we do know, is that both dad and half-sister have bashed the royal family, and questioned Meghan’s motives since the royal wedding.

Others wonder why Samantha is trying to hard to get in touch with her sister now, although they hadn’t spoken since 2015. According to Town & Country Magazine, the last thing Meghan told her was, “I love you, Babe. It was great catching up. Let’s keep in touch.” Apparently “Babe” is Samantha’s nickname. Those last words aren’t so bad, considering that now, sources reveal that the relationship between the two has always been strained.

There was no indication on Meghan’s part that she would welcome Samantha at Kensington Palace.

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