Prince Charles Is Jealous Of His Sons & Their Wives According To Some Insiders

The popularity of Prince Charles suffered a blow following the public debacle associated with his marriage with and eventual divorce from the much loved Princess Diana. It’s a blow from which he has never fully recovered. It’s even rumored that an overwhelming majority of Brits don’t want him to inherit the throne upon the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Among the many things about his relationship with Princess Diana that the general public holds against Charles is his reported jealousy of her as it became obvious over the course of their marriage that she was more loved than him by royal watchers. Given the current fascination and adoration of the younger generation of royals including his sons Prince William and Prince Harry and their wives Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, many have wondered if he is jealous of them as well. There are some reports that this is the case.

Rumors of tension between Prince Charles and his son have persisted for some time now. The Daily Beast went so far earlier this month as to describe their relationship as a “cold war.” The news outlet said that the two young men have very little in common with their father and interact with him very little outside of public appearances, and many say that some level of animosity in his sons toward him would be understandable given what is known about his treatment of their mother. The younger princes have never publicly acknowledged any problems in their relationship with their father, and Charles’ representatives have called the rumors “complete fiction,” but a palace insider said that it’s well-known within the royal family that their relationship is “strained.”

Prince Charles is also said to be unhappy with the younger royals’ less formal style and way of life. As Princes Harry and William try to merge the values of their generation with royal protocol, The New Yorker reported that Prince Charles is disturbed and lacks tolerance for “opinions contrary to his own.” In a harsh assessment of the prince, he was described by American biographer Sally Bedell Smith as “hopelessly thin-skinned… naïve and resentful.” Apparently easily irritated by behavior that detracts from that which is traditionally royal, Charles likely finds much about the lives of William, Harry, and their wives that rubs him the wrong way. Among the things his sons have done that Prince Charles is reportedly not happy with is their open discussions of the pain they suffered follow the death of their mother and their openness in discussing mental health. Such emotions and vulnerability are inappropriate for a royal in his eyes.

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