Ashton Kutcher Hits Young Man On Scooter With His Car And Apologizes By Taking A Fan Photo

Actor Ashton Kutcher was involved in a car accident on Tuesday when he accidentally hit a 19-year-old teen riding a children’s scooter with his car, reports E! News.

The teenager, Leo Marenghi, was reportedly on his way to a school in Los Angeles where he was supposed to pick up the children he was babysitting and rode one of their scooters on his way. Kutcher was pulling out of a driveway when he hit Marenghi with his black Tesla, knocking the teen to the ground. Marenghi described the incident to E! News.

“He was coming out of a driveway of the Sunset Bronson Studios, and there was a wall blocking so he couldn’t see me coming. Once I was in his sight, it was too late for him to stop and I got hit. He immediately got out of his car and said, ‘I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you. Are you okay?'”

Marenghi added that he recognized the actor immediately and then asked him if his car was alright. Kutcher responded that he wasn’t at all worried about the car and was just concerned about Marenghi, asking him again if he was sure he was okay.

After Marenghi stressed that he was totally fine and that Kutcher didn’t need to worry, he decided to ask the actor for a photograph.

“He was very nice about the situation,” Marenghi commented. “And although I’m sore, I don’t have any broken bones so there is no reason for me to go to the police.”

Marenghi posted the fan photo on his Instagram with the caption, “Got hit by a car today… But it’s ok because it was by Ashton Kutcher.” In the photo, the That 70’s Show actor is wearing a red sweatshirt and black jeans with a black backward baseball cap. He has one arm around Marenghi and the other raised in a shrug. His facial expression appears playfully guilty as he poses for the photo. Marenghi looks cool and collected as he stands next to Kutcher in a light-purple t-shirt and black sweatpants. The two appear to be standing in a residential neighborhood.

Marenghi’s followers were amazed by the incident, posting that he was so lucky to have met the actor and that the photo was “awesome.”

One of his followers wrote, “You’re always meeting famous people!” and another commented, “This is amazing hahahaha.”

The teen also shared a photo of the minor injury he suffered during the accident — a small bloody scrape beneath his left knee.

Marenghi commented to Entertainment Tonight that he has no plans to pursue Kutcher legally and is still a big fan.

“Him on Two and a Half Men, I watched that whole season. It was really cool just meeting him. Even when I was a little kid, Cheaper By the Dozen, I just like, grew up being a fan.”

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