Dan Marino, Donna Savattere Affair Allegedly Revealed in 2010 Book

Dan Marino’s love child apparently wasn’t a complete secret.

The relationship between the married former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino and CBS production assistant Donna Savattere was reportedly previously disclosed in a memoir published in 2010.

Marino and Savattere apparently began their affair in 2004, and she gave birth to a daughter, Chloe, in June 2005.

The New York Post identified the alleged book and its author:

“In a 2010 memoir, Honeymoon Junkie: Everything but the Girl, author Shaun C. Hawkins meets a woman he calls ‘Darien,’ a former CBS staffer living in the lap of luxury with a small child fathered by a mysterious Mr. Big that the author ultimately theorizes is actually Marino. Sources say the woman in the book is Savattere.

” ‘Darien lived on the Upper West Side . . . and she worked at CBS,’ recalls the author after meeting ‘Darien’ in the memoir about a high–flying bachelor looking for love in New York.”

Honeymoon Junkie currently ranks #35,889 in books on Amazon, and the paperback edition is temporarily out of stock.

The book provided further details, according to Radar Online, on what is presumed to be the arrangement between Dan Marino and mistress Donna Savattere after she became pregnant with their love child:

” ‘Darien … confessed to me that there was a substantial monetary settlement involved in keeping the identity of Zoë’s father a secret … I told her that I didn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to have already figured out there was money involved. The East Hampton rental, the charming two-bedroom Upper West Side apartment one block off [Central Park], the Range Rover, the full-time nanny.’ “

Dan Marino is still scheduled to be part of the CBS Super Bowl pregame coverage tomorrow.

Have you ever heard of the book Honeymoon Junkie before?