Elizabeth Hurley Reveals She Has Her ‘Mojo’ Back In Cleavage-Baring Purple Swimsuit

The former Austin Powers star paid homage to the series when she shared a sexy swimsuit selfie to her Instagram page Monday. In the photo, the 53-year-old British actress/model flaunts a purple one-piece swimsuit from her own line of swimwear. The suit plunges deeply down her chest, revealing tan skin and a flawless figure.

“Four days into my detox retreat at @vivamayr taking ‘the cure.’ It’s brutal but I’m beginning to get my mojo back. I’ll be writing about my experiences in @spearsmagazine Swimsuit of course, by @elizabethhurleybeach,” Hurley captioned her photo.

According to the VIVAMAYR website, the brand offers wellness and health retreats in two locations, using a medical practice called Modern Mayr Medicine.

“[VIVAMAYR is] a health resort offering the highest standards of comfort at all levels as well as a range of culinary options to meet guests’ individual dietary needs. VIVAMAYR also stands for a lifestyle that is predicated on a sensible diet, inner balance and a mindful way of living as the basis for health and wellbeing.”

After assessing individual patients to come up with their own treatment plans, the practice claims to rely on four essential principles: “destressing, cleansing, training, and substitution.” There is no doubt that Hurley holds faith in the program as her photo caption claims she is “detoxing.”

Besides the retreat, Hurley reportedly follows a strict fitness regimen in order to keep her body looking young and sexy. In August, Hollywood Life reported that Hurley relies on a homegrown diet as her number one source of fitness. Apparently, she grows most of the produce she consumes at home and only shops for other fruits and veggies at a local farmer’s market. A source told Hollywood that the star avoids junk food at all costs, and even prepares veggie soup to help stave off cravings. Drinking plenty of water is another key way she stays healthy, the source says. However, Hurley apparently loathes working out in the gym and instead makes sure to take a brisk 30-minute walk every day.

Hurley has also posted many selfies modeling her own swimwear in the past. When interviewed by People in March, the actress opened up about healthy body image, and how she doesn’t overanalyze her bikini photos. Instead, she claimed, it’s more important to live an active busy life than to obsess over your body image.

“If you’ve got time to think about aging then you’re not busy enough. Being busy and interested is the key to being attractive. Narcissistic bores who stare at themselves in the mirror for hours are the dullest people on earth.”

Hurley’s most recently acted on soap opera The Royals, which was recently canceled. She has one son, 16, who reportedly helps her take photos modeling her swimwear.

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