Rachel Bloom And Other CBS Stars React To New Assault Allegations Against Les Moonves

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Rachel Bloom is not holding back on her feelings about Les Moonves. The star and co-creator of The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of several TV stars called for the longtime CBS president and CEO to be fired from the network with no compensatory payment. Bloom’s Golden Globe-winning show, which is set to premiere its fourth and final season next month, airs on The CW, which is a co-owned by CBS Corporation and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Amid news that Moonves has been hit with six new sexual assault allegations over two decades, Bloom called for the CBS head to be canned with no pay. Bloom took to Twitter to post a link to Ronan Farrow’s latest exposé in the New Yorker, and to blast Moonves and anyone at the network that hid his alleged behavior.

“As an employee of CBS, I would just like to say that Les Moonves should be fired without getting a f—ing dollar. The actions described in this article are those of sexual assault and shame on anyone else in the corporation who knew about his crimes.”

Bloom is not the only star speaking out.

Kathy Griffin who in the past has appeared on CBS’ The Talk and as a guest on Big Brother, tweeted that the inevitable departure of Moonves will hardly mark the end of an era.

“It isn’t the end of s—. Just a handful of these type guys still run everything. You’ll see them cover for each other and get powerful women to cover for them. Just watch. PS you haven’t seen me on CBS in years have you? Ever wonder why?”

Griffin posted a string of tweets about Moonves and how he wouldn’t consider her to host a late night show on CBS.

Sharon Lawrence, a star on CBS Corp./Showtime’s Shameless, questioned if a proposed donation to the MeToo movement would be enough to compensate for what Moonves allegedly did to women.

Actor Judd Apatow, who has appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes, wrote that Moonves should be in jail.

In light of the new, much more serious allegations against Moonves detailed in the New Yorker, perhaps even more deafening is the silence from his former supporters. Sharon Osbourne, who co-hosts The Talk with Moonves’ wife, Julie Chen, reportedly deleted a Twitter post she posted in July in support of him, according to a tweet by journalist Yashar Ali,

Other stars who previously supported Moonves, including former Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter and The Talk co-host Eve, have not yet publicly commented or offered support to Moonves amid the new allegations against him.

CBS formally announced that Les Moonves will step down from his powerful position at the network. The details of Moonves’ financial settlement are contingent on an investigation into the allegations against him, but CBS will donate $20 million to the MeToo movement. It has been suggested he could receive up to $100 million in pay and stocks.