Aubrey O’Day Says She Felt ‘Tortured’ During Her Relationship With Pauly D

Former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day spoke out about her relationship with Jersey Shore star Pauly D. According to Us Weekly, the singer said her relationship was not as healthy as it seemed. She said that Pauly, whose real name is Paul Delvecchio, enforced a set of rules that she had to follow.

“There was no healthy dialogue. There was no progressive communication. There were rules and the rules needed to be followed and when they weren’t, you were punished. I come from an abusive childhood that I’m still processing and I think that person inside of me that hasn’t quite healed was attracted to the chaos of constantly proving yourself to someone and when they were disappointed in you, fighting harder for their approval,” O’Day said in her interview with Us Weekly.

The pair met on the reality show Famously Single on E! and dated from February, 2016, to July, 2017. They will both appear on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. O’Day spoke about filming Marriage Boot Camp in an interview with Hollywood Life. She said that their relationship was in a really rough place during the shoot, saying that she and Pauly were at a crossroad when they began filming.

“I was feeling suffocated, and losing my identity, and I was really hoping for a new environment, to get some fresh perspective,” O’Day said.

But O’Day also feels some responsibility for the way her relationship with Pauly played out. She said that she allowed his behavior and said yes, and justified the issues they faced as ones she could handle. O’Day feels that her relationship with Pauly erased “everything [she] loved about [herself].” When asked if she regretted her time on the show, she said she did not regret shining a spotlight on the problems she faced in her relationship with Pauly.

“You have this list of five things you want out of your partner and after you turn 30,” she said. She added that the further on into their thirties or the more they want children, the easier it is to allow the number of things you want in a partner to dwindle. “You start going ‘Oh, well I don’t really need all five, well maybe I just need four, well maybe three is okay.”

O’Day acknowledges that she is a different person now, and the things she wanted before her relationship with Pauly are not the same as what she wants right now.

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