Bizarre Of D12 Praises MGK’s Eminem Diss Track, Then Delivers Grim Warning Of ‘Repercussions’

Last Friday, without warning, Eminem turned the hip-hop world upside down by releasing Kamikaze, a surprise album.

Some likened the album to an attempt at an aging rapper to remain relevant, after Eminem’s prior record, Revival, received myriad negative reviews in 2017. However, Billboard is projecting 360,00 copies of Kamikaze will be the number for its first week of sales, projecting it will easily enter the Top 200 chart at number one. As of the time of this writing, Spotify shows that Eminem currently holds six of the top ten slots in their United States Top 50 list of most played songs, with “Lucky You” (Featuring Joiner Lucas) topping and “The Ringer” following at number two.

One rapper also name-dropped on Kamikaze is Bizarre, an original member of Eminem’s longtime rap group D12. Last decade D12 released two chart-topping albums. Of all people name-dropped on Kamikaze, Bizarre might have had one of the most legitimate reasons to respond, as the song “Stepping Stone” effectively lays D12 to rest and the rapper laments on his own shortcomings as a band member.

Bizarre, however, is not interested in recording a diss song to Eminem, while noting Rapper Machine Gun Kelly perhaps should have been more afraid of such a squabble.

On the Kamikaze song “Lucky You,” Eminem lyrically blasted MGK for a crass proclamation via Twitter that Eminem’s then-underage daughter, Hailie, was someone he found particularly attractive. MGK responded to Eminem recently with the Eminem diss song, “Rap Devil.” That video has been viewed on YouTube approximately 15 million times since it was uploaded on September 3.

In “Rap Devil,” MGK name-drops Hailie, Kim Scott (Eminem’s ex-wife), and calls Mathers a bully. Eminem has yet to respond, though Hailie acknowledged the track via Twitter after retweeting a post that Kelly had “dug his own grave,” acknowledging she didn’t “care for” MGK’s song.

Bizarre of D12 chimed in on Twitter as well to deliver his two cents on “Rap Devil,” which he seemed to admire. But after expressing sincere appreciation for the work, nerve, skill, and dedication he felt MGK showed in making “Rap Devil,” Bizarre grimly added that such admirable traits were not enough to save the rapper from an inevitable sinister fate. He sternly warned the relative newcomer to mainstream hip-hop that there would be “repercussions” and that “ya’ll need to stop playin’ with that boy,” presumably expressing concern that those engaging in a feud with Eminem were taking on a rival they were ill-equipt to handle.

Eminem is notoriously ruthless when feuding with other celebrities, but historically he has been especially vicious with other rappers who he felt disrespected him. A number of those artists’ careers didn’t survive such debacles and Eminem has shown that physical altercations are not a step he’s been unwilling to take.

He pulled a gun on an associate of Insane Clown Posse in the early ’00s and was convicted of crimes related to the incident.

Having been viewed nearly a million times, Bizarre’s tweet is being passed around as a foreboding message to Machine Gun Kelly, whose name seems inevitable to once again appear in a future Eminem song. After the unprecedented release of Kamikaze, Eminem’s feuds are far from ending with the 28-year-old Cleveland rapper, famous for writing “Wild Boy.” Eminem blasted countless other celebrities and fellow musicians while offering a few neutral mentions of famous names and even a small amount of praises. Eminem took Donald Trump to task on the album more than once, referring to him as “agent orange” and directly accusing the president of being too afraid to address the rapper, warning Trump would be “lyrically murdered.”

Donald Trump, who has tweeted responses to celebrities like Meryl Streep, Jimmy Kimmel, and numerous other non-political figures, has refrained from addressing Eminem’s extensive lyrical attacks over the past year. Trump even took time recently to thank rapper Kanye West for positive comments he’d made about the president, leaving many to question Trump’s reasons for ignoring Eminem’s extensive jabs.

Eminem did state, however, in “The Ringer” that Trump sent the secret service to investigate the rapper after seriously hostile name-drops in a video produced for the BET network. With Eminem poised to watch his new album claim the spot atop Billboard’s Top 200 for the ninth time in a career spanning three decades, his prominence in America appears to be loud and clear, as does Trump’s hesitance to acknowledge the rapper, potentially meaning even President Donald Trump is leery of having a public feud with Eminem.

It’s potential caution rapper Bizarre would likely consider to be a wise bit of trepidation.

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