Jake Paul Said He Wants To Fight Chris Brown, The Internet Doesn’t Think It Will End Well For Him

Jake Paul, the brother of controversial YouTube personality Logan Paul, emerged from Logan’s boxing match today with a thirst for fisticuffs — at least according to a trending Twitter hashtag. The hashtag #ChrisBrown is trending on the popular social media service, in response to Jake Paul’s post fight interview in which he called out the American hip hop artist, saying it was time to “get in the ring.”

Logan Paul fought British rapper and fellow YouTuber KSI to a formal draw in today’s exhibition match, according to the BBC. While one judge did have KSI ahead on points at the conclusion of the evenly-paced bout, the other two judges had them neck and neck, meaning the result was a majority draw. The judges decision drew a chorus of derisive boos from those in attendance, with both men signaling they wanted a rematch when the time and place was right.

Chris Brown has been battling a black mark on his public relations record ever since his initial arrest on two felonious charges involving a domestic dispute with then-girlfriend Rihanna, one for assault and the other for making criminal threats, according to People. Brown pleaded guilty to the assault and was subsequently sentenced to five years of probation in addition to community service, CNN reports.

Since then, Chris Brown has been a rhetorical stand-in for domestic abuse and assault, even though, in his own words, the abusive relationship went both ways, according to People.

Brown was recently slated to get between the ropes to face fellow hip hop musician Soulja Boy in a celebrity affair that would see pugilistic legends Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield standing in as their respective trainers, Billboard reports. That match was canceled early last year after a brief Twitter feud, so it appears that Chris Brown’s schedule may be open to new challengers.

Twitter users took to the social media platform to get their digs in on both sides, with some suggesting that the fight wouldn’t end so well for Jake Paul.

Other users were keen to see the YouTube jester put the fists to Brown, preferring that the newcomer to the celebrity scene get his licks in instead.

In today’s bout, Logan Paul proved that he wasn’t joking about taking the sport seriously, coming out strong in the first two rounds to outbox KSI. As the match wore on into later rounds, however, KSI’s greater stamina proved noteworthy, with Paul’s flagging strength causing him to stumble to the mat at least once.

Fans displeased with the outcome of a tie may find flagging spirits uplifted by this call out by Jake Paul on Chris Brown. Celebrity boxing matches are a spectacle that draw very crowds, with the BBC reporting that 1.8 million viewers took in the bout as it happened, with 36 million more having streamed the match since its conclusion.

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