Bella Thorne Was Home Alone During Attempted Home Burglary, Suspect Flees

Bella Thorne is no stranger to scary moments. In MTV’s Scream, her character deals with a scary home invasion and digital spy who spooks her by showing her a live feed of her own actions. She turns the tables in Netflix’s You Get Me, where she spends time causing mayhem for other characters.

TMZ reports that film bled into reality for Thorne on Tuesday at her San Fernando Valley home. The actress was inside when she heard a window break elsewhere in her home. She went against all those horror movie tropes and went outside to investigate. Thankfully, her presence was enough to scare the intruder away. He fled on foot through the hills of the area while Thorne called police.

The police did arrive but were unable to locate the intruder. It’s unclear if Thorne’s home was targeted, or just a random occurrence. It would be a strange choice to choose to rob Thorne when she was home. The actress is active on social media and constantly posting updates when she is out and about. If the intruder wanted to get into her home, it would have been easy to tell when she would be away.

According to TMZ, Thorne’s home invasion attempt is just the latest in a series of celebrity burglaries. John Mayer’s home was recently burglarized, and it’s reported that the intruders were able to get away with a lot of the musician’s possessions. They stole more than five figures worth of items, including several watches from his prized collection of timepieces.

It’s possible the thieves were following the actress on Instagram. Judging from her profile, they may have thought she was still in New York with boyfriend Mod Sun. She posted several pictures from the Billboard Hot 100 Festival, including one of her sister Dani Thorne, who goes by the stage name of com3t. The wanna-be burglars may have thought the pictures were truly instant, and that the actress was not even in the state when they attempted to break in.

The social media platform and others like it can be a great way for actors and musicians to connect with their fans, but as Thorne learned, others may be tracking movements for more nefarious purposes. Thorne hasn’t posted on Instagram or Twitter since the incident, but law enforcement reported that she was fine and the intruder was successfully banished from the home. Hopefully, the individual is caught before he or she tries again.

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