Donald Trump Jr. Has Swiftly Taken Down His Instagram Post That Cites His Father As More Popular Than Obama

Mark Wilson Getty Images

Perhaps Donald Trump Jr. realized his mistake, or perhaps he didn’t feel like dealing with the huge public outcry that erupted when the president’s son claimed that his father was actually more popular than Barack Obama in an Instagram post, but whatever the reason, Trump Jr. deleted this Instagram image on Friday.

As Time Magazine reports, Donald Trump Jr. had originally posted the obviously doctored image on his Instagram account earlier this week, which made the spurious claim that the president’s approval ratings were at 50 percent and much higher than Obama’s were at this time with the former president’s approval ratings ranked at just 45 percent.

Hilariously for all who viewed the image, it was clearly visible that Donald Trump’s approval rating was really only at 40 percent, and that the 50 percent rating had been hastily overlaid over the original image in an extremely amateur fashion.

Donald Trump Jr. left a message on the Instagram image, claiming that dreams really do come true and that there must surely be a magic wand involved that has made his father so wildly popular that he now even overshadows Obama.

“Amazing. I guess there is a magic wand to make things happen and @realdonaldtrump seems to have it #maga #americafirst.”

According to Newsweek, Trump Jr. also managed to misspell America and transpose the letters on his first post before he changed it, originally using the hashtag #amreicafirst.

The president’s son was then roundly criticized for being as bad of a speller as his father by posters on Instagram, who left comments like, “Haha this is one of the worst photoshop jobs I’ve ever seen. Wow. And you spelled America wrong. #pathetic.”

“@donaldjtrumpjr first, you spelled America wrong, genius. Second, you can see the actual percentage covered up with this fake stat.”

So while Donald Trump Jr. was attacked for posting what was clearly false data, he was also widely mocked for posting such a shoddy Photoshopped image to prove his point.

Perhaps the most amusing part of the whole situation was that the original image had been created by a team at CNN to dispute President Trump’s assertions that he was more popular than Obama at this point in his career.

While it is certainly possible that Donald Trump Jr. posted the doctored Instagram image claiming that the president was more popular than Obama as a joke, it does seem unlikely given the propensity of the Trump family to claim that the president’s approval ratings are higher than they actually are.