Mackenzie McKee Might Be Replacing Jenelle Evans On ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Reports ‘Celebuzz’

Is Jenelle Evans on the verge of being replaced on Teen Mom 2?

As the longtime reality star and mother of three remains at a stalemate with MTV over her Season 9 contract, a report has been shared by Celebuzz which suggests that Teen Mom 3 cast member Mackenzie McKee could be in the running to take Evans’ spot on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.

According to the report, MTV hasn’t shied away from mixing up the casts in recent months and after adding Briana DeJesus to Teen Mom 2 last year, they’ve added Bristol Palin, who has no ties at all to the franchise, to Teen Mom OG for Season 8. The network has also suggested that they aren’t completely sold on the idea of including Evans’ family’s story on Season 9 by firing her husband, David Eason, earlier this year.

Although MTV claimed to have fired Eason due to his homophobic comments on Twitter, they later reportedly added Cheyenne Floyd to the cast of Teen Mom OG, despite her past racist comments on Twitter.

For the past several years, Evans has been one of the most controversial stars of the Teen Mom franchise. So, to some, the idea that MTV would move forward without her seems to be unlikely. Still, as fans saw during last week’s finale episode, the tension between them may be too much to work past.

On the season finale of Teen Mom 2 Season 8 last week, Evans was seen threatening to walk away from the show unless MTV agrees to allow her husband to return to filming. She also claimed to have received offers from other companies who want her to star on their channels.

As for when Mackenzie McKee’s name was thrown into the world of Teen Mom 2, that reportedly happened days ago after the former Teen Mom 3 cast member shared a photo on Instagram of a film crew at her Oklahoma home.

“Looks like a film crew is at Mackenzie McKee’s house again. Any word on this? Could she be replacing [Jenelle Evans] for season 9 now?” a fan asked on Twitter after seeing the image.

A short time later, The Ashley replied, via Celebuzz, “Some crazy shizzzz is happening right now. I will keep you guys posted once I can get stuff confirmed.”

So far, The Ashley hasn’t shared any further details regarding the reason behind McKee’s latest filming session.

Teen Mom 2 Season 8B is currently airing on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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