‘Luke Cage’ Star Mike Colter Lends His Support To ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Director James Gunn

Many Hollywood stars have come forward in defense of Guardians of The Galaxy Director James Gunn in the wake of his abrupt firing from Disney due to what was seen as offensive past Twitter posts. Mike Colter, star of Marvel’s hit series on Netflix, Luke Cage, can now be added to the bunch of celebrities remarking on Gunn’s tweets and his firing. The director was dismissed earlier this month due to resurfaced tweets for which Gunn had reportedly apologized for years ago.

Best known for his most recent part as Luke Cage in Marvel’s Luke Cage, 41-year-old American actor Mike Colter has also played the part of Lemond Bishop in the hit television series The Good Wife and Malcolm Ward in Ringer. Colter took to Twitter today, addressing Gunn directly in a reply to the director’s own posts apologizing for his past comments.

CBR reported on Colter’s post. The actor’s wording indicated he thinks the director will one day be back in good standing at Disney:

“I feel like in time they will reinstate you. Fingers crossed. I don’t feel like every past comment from years ago should be grounds for dismissal. Everyone is on notice now. You deserve a fresh start and a clean slate. And i bias bc you make great films.”

Screen Rant recently posted an article about a rumored meeting between Disney and Gunn. The purpose of the meeting, which has not been confirmed to have taken place, would apparently be to discuss potentially rehiring him for Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, according to a tweet from DisInsider’s editor-in-chief, Skyler Shuler’s.

Another report, also listed on Screen Rant, seemed to indicate that Disney was not rushing to replace Gunn. This was taken by some as a sign that the company was already considering reinstating him. A petition has even been put out in hopes of getting Gunn rehired, and an open letter has been penned by Guardians of the Galaxy cast members in support of the director.

According to the letter from cast members, many “outlandish conspiracy theories” have surfaced around why Disney fired the director. According to Screen Rant, several right wing pundits have even gone so far as to insinuate that Gunn was actually committing acts of pedophilia and rape, rather than merely making what many saw as distasteful jokes on his Twitter feed.

Further information about the situation between Gunn and Disney is unknown. Many still want to see Disney rehire the director. For now, fans will just have to sit back and wait for further details.

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