Charles Manson 'Blood & Ashes' Painting Goes On Display Next Week In Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

Holly Chavez

Ghost Adventures host, Zak Bagans, recently purchased the ultimate paranormal talking piece at an auction. TMZ reported that the Travel Channel star shelled out $2,000 to purchase a painting of deceased cult leader and mass murderer, Charles Manson. The painting is a portrait of the much-circulated and replicated 1969 police mug shot police snapped of a wild-eyed Charles Manson.

The painting is the morbid creation of Ryan Almighty, whose preferred medium is human blood. Almighty's creepy pieces have sparked the interest of collectors, other artists and like-minded individuals such as Zak Bagans who collect his uniquely dark pieces. Ryan Almighty used his own blood to paint the portrait, and he topped it off by using the criminal's ashes to fill in the eyes.

According to Ryan Almighty, he was able to obtain some of the ashes from a guy that collected them while attending the service where they spread the ashes. The memorial took place in March of this year in a forested area near Porterville, California. According to TMZ, some of the money Zak Bagans paid at the auction will go towards paying the guy that performed the ghoulish ash collecting.

However, what's the most unique about the portrait of Manson is that ashes from the infamous killer that were used to create the eyes are apparently giving Manson an otherworldly piercing glare. To that end, Zak Bagans says that he feels the creep factor rise when he looks into the eyes of his newest addition that will go to his Haunted Museum at 600 E. Charleston Road in Las Vegas. He went on to say, "You can literally feel him looking back at you."

The Ghost Adventure host said the following.

"Drawn to the bloody art because it's the kinda thing Manson commonly did... using pieces of himself, like his hair, in his artwork. That aside, Zak says the piece -- with its haunting, ashy eyes -- will spruce up his infamous haunted museum in Vegas.

Zak Bagans plans to have the disturbing art framed and displayed by next Wednesday in one of the rooms of the museum that is dedicated to convicted murderers, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The Inquistr recently reported that Zak Bagans's production company is making a documentary based on Charles Manson's life. The story behind the "Blood & Ashes" painting may figure prominently into the documentary's story-line. The Manson documentary is a follow-up to Bagans's other cinematic effort, Demon House. Demon House is based on the 2014 alleged demonic possession of a family in Gary, Indiana.

Zak Bagans, who directed, produced, and investigated the haunted home for the flick demolished the house after production wrapped up, citing that he didn't want anyone else to fall victim to the entities inside the home. Bagans, who had purchased the eerie structure, said that during the making of Demon House that he and others involved with making it experienced strange events and mysterious health issues that couldn't be explained.