Jessa Duggar Thinks She Knows Her Parents’ Anti-Aging Secret

Jessa Duggar is finding it hard to believe that her parents have been married for 34 years. The Counting On star recently took to Instagram to gush about how great Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar look for a couple who is currently celebrating over three decades of wedded bliss. Jessa also shared her theory on what keeps her mom and pops looking and feeling so youthful.

On Sunday, Jessa Duggar, 25, took to Instagram to wish her parents a happy 34th wedding anniversary. She shared a photo of Jim Bob, 53, and Michelle, 51, sitting on a boat and staring adoringly into each other’s eyes. Jessa’s post included a lengthy message about how much she looks up to the Duggar family matriarch and patriarch. However, it began with some praise for her parents’ good looks and great hair.

“Happy 34th anniversary, Mom & Pops!” Jessa wrote. “One might expect y’all to have more wrinkles and gray hair, especially after raising some of those particularly strong-willed kiddos like me. Haha! But you both still look so young!”

Jessa went on to suggest that she and her siblings are her parents’ anti-aging secret. She believes that Jim Bob and Michelle are living proof that “having kids keeps you young.” Michelle got pregnant with the couple’s first child, Josh Duggar, when she 21-years-old, and she went on to give birth to 18 more children. Josh was born in 1988, and the youngest Duggar child, daughter Josie, was born in 2009.

“They say that having kids keeps you young, and that surely must be the case because y’all definitely don’t look old enough to have a child who’s in his 30’s!”

If Jessa’s theory is correct, then Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar might have successfully slowed down the clock for another decade. As noted by the Duggar Family Blog, Josie Duggar will turn 18 at the end of 2028, giving the couple 10 more years of parenting a non-adult kid.

It’s not just Jim Bob and Michelle’s looks that Jessa admires. The Duggar daughter went on to praise her parents’ marriage, revealing that she’s never seen them argue or tear each other down. It’s also possible that she discovered another secret to what keeps them looking so young: their love for each other.

“I don’t know of another couple who’s more in love than you are with each other! Us kids are so blessed to have an example to look up to in your marriage relationship,” Jessa wrote. “It’s so endearing to see y’all kissing, holding hands, looking affectionately, speaking loving sentiments, and laughing at each other’s corny jokes (to the point of tears) as though you were still high school sweethearts.”

If their love is what keeps them youthful, then it sounds like Jim Bob and Michelle just might live forever.

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