Whitney Houston’s Mother Suffering From Dementia & Her Son’s Molestation Accusations Are Causing ‘More Pain’

Whitney Houston’s mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston, is currently in the throes of dementia, and she claims that her son Gary’s accusations of molestation by his aunt are only “causing her more pain.”

According to Radar Online, who broke the distressing news, the late singer’s mother — who wrote a tell-all book called Remembering Whitney back in 2012 — can’t remember much of anything these days.

The 84-year-old mother of Whitney Houston says she’s “just getting old,” but a source close to the Houston family says it’s a lot more than that. In addition to not remembering many things, she repeats herself a lot, and she gets lost very easily — all of which are signs that she’s in the early stages of dementia.

But there’s something that’s only exacerbating Cissy’s memory problems: Gary Houston’s claims of molestation at the hands of his aunt, Dee Dee Warwick.

Warwick — who is Cissy Houston’s sister, as is singer Dionne Warwick — allegedly molested both Gary and Whitney Houston when the pair were children, and the thoughts of having to confront this in her twilight years is causing the former gospel great “intense emotional pain.”

Dee Dee, who died in 2008, was never charged with any crimes in her lifetime. Like her sisters and her famous niece, she too was a singer, and sang backup for artists like Wilson Pickett and Aretha Franklin in her lifetime.

For Gary Houston’s part, he’s always maintained that he and his sister, Whitney Houston, were molested by Dee Dee.

He said that he was frequently “fondled,” and even though he didn’t understand what it was or why his aunt was doing it, he knew that it was “immoral” and “abnormal.”

Both Cissy and Dionne released a joint statement, however, refuting Gary’s claims as “unfathomable.”

Cissy, in particular, said she found the accusations hard to believe because she was frequently in the studio, and traveling on tour, with both of her sisters. Rather, she said, when the children were home as she went on tour, they were often left with their babysitter, a dear friend of hers, or their own father.

“In all the years I traveled Dee Dee, who was 21 years older than Whitney, NEVER BABYSAT for them,” she said.

Cissy went on to say that she disowned her son after he made these claims, and that in the new film Whitney — which is in theaters now, and is all about Whitney Houston’s troubled life — he is “very candid” about his drug use, suggesting that he may be “misremembering” things because of his past substance abuse.

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