Mike Francesa: No, I Did Not Get A Police Escort To The Super Bowl [Video]

Social media was buzzing yesterday with the rumor that WFAN sports radio talk show host Mike Francesa had a police escort to New York’s LaGuardia Airport yesterday for his flight to the Super Bowl.

Based on Francesa’s self-important track record, a lot of people apparently bought into it. But Francesa took five minutes at the beginning of his week-long remote from New Orleans (which is simulcast on the YES television network) to call BS on the claim of a police escort.

Francesa, who famously denied falling asleep on the air last September, also categorically denied that he had a police escort yesterday and noted in fact that he had to wait on the security line just like everyone else. Moreover, Mike said he received no preferential treatment — just the opposite. The talk host was subject to an extremely invasive pat-down by the TSA because his artificial knee set off the machines (what Francesa called “the metal check”).

“It was like a second date by the time we were finished,” Francesa quipped.

Mike Francesa admitted, however, to hanging out with Port Authority police officers at the airport while he was waiting for his flight to board. Francesa’s driver, Julio, is a former NYPD detective, and through Julio, Mike explained that he is acquainted with several cops on the LaGuardia detail.

Julio is accompanying Francesa to the Super Bowl but apparently only because “he is a 49ers fan.”

Bottom line from Mike: The rumors on Twitter and elsewhere were incorrect — no police escort and no preferential airport treatment.

Watch Mike Francesa deny receiving a police escort on his way to the Super Bowl:

[iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/7iYTkHnn6tA?rel=0″ width=”560″ height=”315″]