A Former British Defense Minister Says UFOs Are Real And Narrowly Avoid Crashing Into Airplanes

When he worked for the British Ministry of Defense, Nick Pope got to work with unidentified flying objects up close and personally, and he came to one conclusion in his line of work: UFOs are real.

In an exclusive interview for The Sun, Pope said that he not only knows for a fact that UFOs are real, part of his job involved monitoring "the Russians," who were constructing death rays to deal with "the aliens." He also said that they would come to Earth so often, that they would narrowly miss airplanes in the sky.

Pope, who worked for the Ministry of Defense in the 1990s, says that world leaders take "threats" of alien invasions "more seriously than they let on."

The British government, in particular, spent more than 50 years investigating whether or not UFOs are real -- and in January of this year, Pope came out of retirement to help the British government declassify information that was once, formerly, considered "top secret."

Pope says that even though his former position with the Ministry of Defense "binds him" to secrecy for life, he can give "an insider's perspective" on what all went on in his heyday now that the government is disclosing information on their own.

And while Britain wasn't "racing against" Russia and China to acquire "alien technology," the true reality of matter is almost as "bizarre" as the claim that was made back in the 1990s.

The Russians, in particular, invested a lot of money into telekinesis (moving objects using just your mind, similar to what Jedis do in the various Star Wars films), parapsychology, and psychic phenomena.

The Russians believed that understanding these things would help them understand UFO technologies a lot better -- and, says Pope, there would be no way that Russia would invest money in the investigation of UFO technologies if they didn't know for a fact that UFOs are real.

Pope isn't alone in his assertions: in a previous report by the Inquisitr, it was suggested by Kevin Knuth, a former NASA scientist and a physics professor once on the staff of SUNY Albany, that the U.S. government was, and is, well aware that UFOs are real, and they've done everything in their power to cover it up.