Nintendo Switch Games And Accessories For Players On A Budget

The Nintendo Switch’s collection of games continues to grow with each passing month. More accessories for the portable console are being released on the market as well. Gamers now have a whole library of games and unique accessories to buy for Nintendo’s hybrid console. Not everyone has the wallet to purchase all the Switch goods, though. Below are some games and accessories for the Nintendo Switch players on a budget can buy.

Switch Games Worth $30 or Less

Sonic Mania Plus – This game will be available for purchase on July 17, 2018 for just under USD$30, reports Nintendo Life. Based on Sega’s description, Sonic Mania Plus promises to bring Sonic and his friends back to life mixing in some of the old classic elements of the hedgehog’s original games with new ones.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 – According to Hypable, this game will be released on July 24, 2018. This collection will give players access to games 1 to 6 of the X series. Nintendo Switch gamers can choose to play with a high-resolution filter or in the series’ original graphics.

Lego City Undercover – This game is already available for purchase for $20. It is a story-based game about a police officer named Chase McCain who goes undercover to track down Rex Fury, a criminal who recently escaped prison. Expect a lot of the Lego franchise’s trademark wit and tongue-in-cheek humor in this title.

Useful and Affordable Switch Accessories

Mobile Mode Exclusive Cross Connector for Nintendo Switch (L) – This useful Switch accessory was made by Japanese manufacturer Hori. It costs about $25 on The item seems to be popular since it all stocks were sold before the accessory was even released. According to Play-Asia, this accessory will come in handy while playing retro games.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Fintie Grip – The Fintie Grip was recommended by iMore. This is yet another accessory that focuses on the Switch’s controller. The Fintie Grips is sold in a pack of two, one for each Joy-Con. This Switch accessory is available on Amazon for reasonable prices ranging from $3.00 to $13.00.

Nintendo Switch Hard Carrying Case – iMore also recommended a hard case for Nintendo’s portable console which is available on Amazon for $9.99. The case has enough storage for the Switch, 14 game cartridges, and the console’s charger. There are other affordable hard cases for the Nintendo Switch in varying sizes available on Amazon as well. Hard cases, after all, are a practical choice for Switch owners, considering that the hybrid gaming device is dominated by a large, tablet-esque display that could be prone to scratches.

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