‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael Faces Questions From Jason, Nelle Visits Carly & Gloats Over Engagement

Michael is moving full-steam ahead on tying the knot with Nelle on General Hospital and the engagement news came as a surprise to all of his extended family. Spoilers for Tuesday’s episode detail that he will face some intense questions from Jason, while it appears that Nelle will be anxious to share the good news with Carly at Ferncliff.

General Hospital spoilers from the previews for Tuesday’s show reveal that Jason will find a moment alone with Michael and ask him what in the world he’s doing. Jason has already been working on proving Carly’s innocence and he will surely want Michael to stay safe and out of the line of fire. He won’t be happy that Michael plans to go so far as to marry Nelle and it seems likely Jason will try to talk him out of taking this step.

However, now that Michael has figured out enough to know that his new fiancee has been instigating trouble for his mom, there’s no way he’s going to hang back and rely on others to right this wrong. General Hospital spoilers hint that this plan will move forward as the week plays out and Michael will do his best to keep Nelle off her shady game and under his spell.

Viewers watched on Monday as Nelle headed off to Ferncliff to see Carly, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Nelle will tell Carly that there is only one way to make things better. Carly, naturally, will be doubtful and suspicious as her potential daughter-in-law says all of this, as she knows better than to believe that Nelle is genuine about anything.

SheKnows Soaps details that Nelle will do her best to turn on the charm during this next show, which very likely means she’ll be doing her best to talk someone else into something she wants. Carly’s surely not falling for a thing from her nemesis, but Nelle may try to charm the staff into thinking she’s harmless and possibly there as a caring family member.

Teasers indicate that Sonny will face a surprise visit from someone from his past, but it is not known yet who this is or what they have to offer. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central also note that Sonny will head to Ferncliff and do his best to reassure Carly, and it sounds as if he might get there as Nelle is still there tormenting her almost-mother-in-law.

Can Jason and Spinelli get the evidence they need before Michael marries Nelle? What will it take to get Carly out of Ferncliff and back home to Sonny? General Hospital spoilers have teased that there are big developments ahead for Nelle and it sounds as if it won’t take too much longer for things to come to a head with this storyline.

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