‘Days Of Our Lives’ July 2: Will Comes To Sonny’s Rescue, Mission DNA Underway, Stefan’s Suspicious [Recap]

Today’s July 2 episode of Days of our Lives begins with Chad and Abby sitting down and talking over breakfast. Abby is lost in thought about the results of her pregnancy test. When Chad walks away to take a phone call, she calls Gabi to see if she was able to get Stefan’s DNA for the paternity test. Days viewers are aware that Abby could be pregnant with either Chad or his brother Stefan’s child. Gabi is at the mansion now and will work on getting a DNA sample while she is there.

Abby begins to get nervous about her friend being in Stefan’s presence so she states that she could just take Chad’s sample to the lab instead. Gabi points out that the DNA of the two men is going to be close since they are brothers. The lab needs both samples. Abby takes the fork that Chad was using at breakfast and places it in her purse.

Chad overhears Abby on the phone, thanking Gabi for her help. He begins to wonder what Gabi is helping her with. Abby tells him that Gabi is simply helping her with life in general as they work on repairing their friendship.

Knowing that he could put an end to everything, Chad is feeling guilty about the lawsuit against Sonny. Chad and Abby are finally in a good place and Chad is frustrated that he has to keep secrets from his wife. Little does he know, the secret that Abby is keeping with Gabi is far bigger.

On the other side of Salem, Stefan is talking to Kate in the main room of the DiMera mansion. He wants Kate to be his secret weapon against Chad.

Kate tells Stefan that he can forget about any ideas he may have about using her as a weapon against Chad. He is like a son to her and she will never choose to hurt him. Chad deserves a chance to “prove himself,” a chance that Stefan stole when he took the company from him.

Stefan informs Kate that he has her backed into a corner. Chad is going down and he tells Kate that her only choice is to go down with him or save herself. Kate warns Stefan to not underestimate her or Chad.

As Kate is seeing herself out the door, she passes by Gabi who is standing outside of the room. They both wonder what the other is doing at the mansion.

Gabi heads up the stairs at the mansion and takes Stefan’s toothbrush. He catches her walking back down the stairs. She tells him she was looking for him but he isn’t buying it. Stefan follows Gabi out the door. She is heading out to meet with Abby and hand over Stefan’s DNA sample.

In recent episodes of Days of our Lives, viewers learned that John was able to dig up dirt on Leo. Leo Stark is an alias. His name is Matthew Cooper and he has a sizable arrest for petty theft. He was also a male escort. The dirt is enough to cast reasonable doubt in his case against Sonny.

Will offers to take the file to Sonny since he was heading there to check on Ari.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny and Leo are talking about the lawsuit. Leo is telling Sonny that if he will agree to marry him today, the lawsuit will disappear and he will have a loving husband to spend his life with.

“Loving husband? Do you know how much you disgust me?”

Leo admits that he has always wanted more for himself so he acted selfishly.

They have a heated discussion and Leo pushes Sonny to make a decision. When cornered with the treat of watching his family suffer under the allegations of sexual harassment, Sonny agrees to marry Leo. At that very moment, Will walks in the door.

Will wants to stop Sonny from making the huge mistake of “marrying a prostitute.” He shows the file to Sonny who immediately changes his mind and cancels the “wedding plans.” Sonny tells Leo that he doesn’t want to spend another minute in the same room with him.

Will steps in and tells Leo to get out before he gets thrown out. Leo goes after Will, growling through his teeth that Will has ruined everything. As Leo is cutting off Will’s air supply, Sonny grabs Leo and throws him against the fireplace, cracking his head open.

In the final scene of today’s July 2 episode of Days of our Lives, Sonny and Will, surprised at their situation, look at each other for answers.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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