‘Bold And The Beautiful’s’ Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Shares Steffy’s Shocking Feelings For Bill & Liam

Bold and the Beautiful fans have long been wondering what exactly is going through Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) head. From sleeping with her father-in-law Bill (Don Diamont) to continuously begging Liam (Scott Clifton) to take her back, B&B fans couldn’t believe some of the choices she made which seemed so unlike the Steffy that viewers have come to know. In a recent interview with Michael Fairman TV, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood shed some light on her character’s past behavior and revealed shocking insights into Steffy’s true feelings.

At the moment, Steffy is seeing both Liam and Bill in a new light. According to Woods, Steffy is very angry at Bill at the moment because he is threatening to put her very vulnerable mother in jail. But at the same time, she remarks that Steffy has “that love for Bill, even though she is not showing it right now” because she is disgusted that Bill would use Taylor’s (Hunter Tylo) mental illness against her. As far as her feelings for Liam are concerned, Wood provides a very insightful explanation.

“Steffy does not want to be a carbon copy of her mom, and watching her mom believing in her dad about monogamy. Steffy will fight for her family to be together, but not if Liam is constantly flip-flopping and sleeping with her, and sleeping with Hope. She won’t put her daughter through that.”

“Steam” fans might want to sit “Still” for this one, but it seems as if Steffy is really harboring feelings for Bill. Ever since they had sex, Bill has consistently pursued her and ignored anyone else on the horizon. His mantra over and over again to the brunette has been that he will stay loyal to her, that he will put her above anyone else, and that they have a passionate connection which she does not share with Liam. In fact, he has pointed out time and again that she deserves better than Liam who constantly flip-flops between her and Hope. When questioned about Steffy’s feelings for Bill, it seems that Wood gives a definitive answer.

“Absolutely! I mean, the writing is kind of on the wall.”

“There was no alcohol involved when they slept together, and so it definitely meant something. She can deny that all she wants.”

Wood also reveals that Bold and the Beautiful fans are in for a treat as the drama revs up on their favorite soap now that Hope (Annika Noelle) is pregnant with Liam’s child. Tune in to Bold and the Beautiful every weekday on CBS. But if you need your Jacqueline fix now, check out the hot video she posted on her Instagram.

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