Carrie Underwood Pregnancy Rumors Circulate Following Latest Instagram Photo

Is Carrie Underwood pregnant?

That’s what fans think, after coming across the country singer’s newest photo on Instagram. Carrie’s latest social media post celebrated Canada Day with her husband, Mike Fisher. The photo was of Carrie alongside her husband dressed up in front of a beautiful lake backdrop. Carrie’s choice of clothing has fans buzzing, as her very loose neon pink dress gave the impression of a potential pregnancy. The dress could just be baggy, and nothing more, but the post’s comment section began to fill with questions from inquiring fans.

“In honor of #CanadaDay I thought I’d post a pic of me and my favoUrite Canadian…circa last night. Sending lots of love to all my family and friends in the Great White North,” Carrie captioned the photo with Canadian flag and snowmen emojis.

Disregarding the intent of the post, fans began questioning Carrie’s physical state in the photo.

“She’s expecting!!!” one fan commented immediately, which in itself gained 55 likes and over 3o comments from other fans agreeing and disagreeing with the statement.

“I think someone has that glow about her,” another added with a baby face emoji.

It appears many fans believed Carrie chose the loose dress to cover up a baby bump, but not every fan of the country star was ready to jump on the pregnancy bandwagon, as several followers shut down the rumors on their own and halted those that were quick to judge Carrie’s look and outfit.

“I think it’s the dress making her look that way!! I think if she was actually pregnant, she would’ve said something way before now,” one fan commented.

“Couldn’t that glow just mean she’s happy? Does a woman have to be pregnant in order to have a glow?” another added.

In under three hours, the post gained over 270,000 likes and 1,100 comments. The post continues to gain popularity as rumors spread, and Carrie has not yet commented on the matter.

This isn’t the first, second, or third time pregnancy rumors swirled around Carrie and Mike, as photos of the singer are often scrutinized when posted on social media. In March, In Touch reported on rumors that the couple were expecting twins which didn’t come to fruition. Just last month, more rumors arose when fans thought they saw a baby bump in another Instagram post, which the Inquisitr previously reported on.

Plenty of fans wished Carrie and her husband a Happy Canada Day and ignored the pregnancy rumors among them in the comments.

Carrie and Mike are parents to 3-year-old Isaiah Michael Fisher, who can often be seen on the duo’s Instagram pages.

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