Iggy Azalea Reveals Sexy Cover Art For ‘Surviving the Summer’ EP & Sends Emotional Message To Fans

Rapper Iggy Azalea thrilled her fans by revealing the sexy new cover art for her EP “Surviving the Summer.” The album is her first since The New Classic, which she released in 2014 followed by its re-release later that year as Reclassified.

According to a Billboard report, “Surviving the Summer” hits on July 6, and its cover art is on fire. Billboard said that the album art is a bit of tribute to a 1993 Rolling Stone cover featuring Janet Jackson. In that cover, Jackson appears topless with hands reaching from behind her covering her breasts. In Azalea’s new album art, the rapper donned a fishnet suit, and hands reach out from behind to cover her breasts in a similar fashion to the way Jackson’s were covered in Rolling Stone 25 years ago. In the image, Azalea is lit in red and appears on top of a jet back background.

Above her image is “S.T.S” for the album’s name. Across her face is a lacy mask that reveals partially closed eyes and covers part of her lips. Her hands cross near her waist, and they hold a white flower, which adds a stark contrast to the black and red of the rest of the artwork.

Some people also believe that another recent Instagram post from Azalea may hint to the album’s first single. In the image, somebody wearing a hoodie, that most consider to be the rapper herself, holds a newspaper with the name “Cash Bags” at the top. The main headline states, “Be bad until you are good.” It’s possible that newspaper “article” could say something about the artist’s upcoming sophomore release, which is highly anticipated.

Fans certainly don’t have long to wait to find out all the exciting details. It’s just days away at this point.

After finishing the album, the rapper took to her Instagram story to post an emotional message to her followers. “I just listened to my project front to back — All mixed FINALLY! After all these years and tears! I feel so happy about what me and all my closest & equally creative friends have created out of the ashes of something I love so much… that’s also brought much negativity at times. You know what? It’s made me a better woman! I finished what I said I’d do: it’s worth it. I love it and I loved making it. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! I just wish you guys could see how many invisible mountains I climbed over to get here. Back to the start. I hope you’ll feel that I really gave my best energy!”

It sounds like her fans have something special coming in just a few days with the new album.

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