Watch ‘Power’ Season 5 Episode 1 Online: 50 Cent, Omari Hardwick, And Joseph Sikora Talk About The Premiere

The fifth season of Power continues where Season 4 left off. 50 Cent returns as Kanan, alongside Omari Hardwick (Ghost), and Joseph Sikora (Tommy) as they form an unlikely trio to take on Rotimi (Dre).

You can watch the Power Season 5 Episode 1 online now. The premiere episode is available on Starz demand app. Otherwise, you will have to wait until tonight when it premieres on cable at 8 p.m.

If you watch the series online on Netflix, however, you will have to wait a day before the first episode debuts on the platform.

It seems as though Tariq will continue on his path to self-destruction in Power Season 5. Losing his sister Raina and murdering her killer wasn’t enough to put him back on the straight and narrow. 50 Cent talks to TV Line and said, “Usually, if kids make decisions, adult decisions for themselves, they’re going to make the wrong decisions.”

Tariq also has a drug problem, which will only make matters worse.

The showrunner Courtney Kemp also mentions that Ghost, Tasha, and Tommy are still keeping Tariq out of the loop despite the fact that he knows about their drug empire. Kemp says that Tariq’s family’s secrecy gives Kanan an advantage because he “sees Tariq as part of the plan.”

Tommy suggested that he will use his father’s Italian mob ties to take on Dre and the Jimenez cartel. In the last season, Tommy Egan found out that his birth name is Tommy Teresi, the son of Italian mobster Tony Teresi.

In an effort to win over his estranged son, Tony has used his gang connections from prison to do Tommy favors on the streets.

“Season 5 reflects just how important the action is and how high the stakes really are,” Sikora says to TV Line, “especially between Tommy trying to regain his network and Dre trying to not only keep his network but capitalize on what he has and go further, take over, get everybody else out of the way and be Number 1.”

Angela Valdez and Tasha will be working together in the fifth season. The bullet found in the scene where Ray Ray was murdered will be a huge storyline for Tasha and Valdez.

Naturi Naughton’s Tasha will have to deal with losing her daughter Raina while trying to protect her self-destructive son. Fans can expect Tasha to break down at some point during the season.

Dre’s ambition has no bounds; he will be preparing for Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan coming after him. Dre has proven to be very calculating and a formidable opponent.

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